Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit

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Yet another instrumental version….



Mr. chaotix ||aka sumit pillai|| said

lol …. wierd song selection amigo……but as usual …. didnt think that this one wuz too much of a soloin track…. u prove me a prick.
ur 2nd track in muh favourites list!


Geniusoid   said

haha….i read ur comment on my mobile on the main page….and i thought u were sayin it wasnt gr8 :))

I proved u nothing pal….its a slow soulful song….the best scope to play along……next in line (after loads of practice) will be Comfortably Numb by Floyd maybe…….thts yet another good candidate……need to work on the solos….


Mr. chaotix ||aka sumit pillai|| said

Cnt wait to hear ur take on the legends!
I can make u a track if u want for the same…….wat do u say?


Geniusoid   said

hmm….i was just thinkin maybe Wish u were here will be easier and faster to start work on :P

To play Comfy Numb, i`ll quote frm Wayne’s World – “I`m not worthY” bows

Well sumit, check this site out (Prateek note plz) -


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Hey … this is a great song … somehow i had missed it before … saw it in Sumit’s favorites list


Ronak R. said

kewl… I guess I shall try vocals over it…

One of my favourites…

I feel the bass is a bit more, and there shall be more clarity… but a great shot indeed!

But my dreams they aren’t this empty
As my conscience seems to be….


~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Music – My Beloved Obsession!

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