Barso re ("Guru" - new)

Lyrics & Chords

One of my most favorite songs. Thanks to A.R.Rahman and Shreya Ghoshal. VESNA – my nickname.



Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

wow … can’t believe you are a Russian :) amazing!

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Veena Balakrishnan said

Hi Natasha

Really enjoyed listening to you.Nice voice…



Shashank Gokhale said

Welcome to Muziboo….:)

I can only Guarantee u one thing that u r at correct place….

Ur rendition is little difficult to listen as its difficult to take out ur voice from Shreya’s voice….:D

I felt u had shivering in the Notes….most probably becuase of the uncomfort in the pronounciation….but u wud rock if practise hard….:D

Keep it up….:D
Shashank Gokhale
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Natasha said

Thank you all for comments!
I do not difficult to sing hindi songs – I sing them for 22 years. I worried to sing before the microphone. I have not yet won the fear. Sorry.


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Really good job especially considering the fact that you are Russian. Hope to hear more from you. As for karaoke tracks, you can find them on sites like


Do listen to Beete Lamhe and Aadat
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Abi said

Hi Natasha, appreciate your love for indian music.Being a foreigner , i was amazed at your diction as it was quiet good. But we all can appreciate better if you used Karaoke track. ‘Barso re’ is available in this link :“”
You can download from this link and try to repost it again. Good luck.


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Very nice attempt ….very expressive ….some notes needed more work ….

But I must congratulate you for singing in a foreign language ……Its a lot difficult…hope to hear more from you.
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Shailender Pro user said

Hi Vesna,

You have done a splendid job of singing in Hindi, which is not your mother language…….very good attempt.

Welcome to Muziboo…….


Vishal Khaparde said

That was very good attempt …! Would love to hear just your voice on a Karaoke track …You can find few free ones on esnips ….:-) …

By the way your Hindi is very good …! I wouldn’t have known you are a Russian if not told by you ;-) …You are the Second Russian I know who sings Hindi songs ….( well he is Azerbaijani actually ) …Elmar RajSur …is my very good friend …:-)

Contact me and I can introduce you to him ….He does quite a lot shows in Russia ….and you would have a lot to talk about :-) …

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Dhiraj Barla said

This doesnt sound like a song sung by a Russain, your voice is good, would like to hear this on a plain karaoke rather than a voice over. You got all the finer aspects of the song right. Hope to hear more from you.


Natasha said

Thanks to all who listen my song.
I am already working on version 2 where been just my voice on a karaoke track. Thanks for website esnips.


Joseph Thomas said

Very good attempt Natasha. :-) I think you had too much vibrato which was not needed for this song. Other than that, it is a good attempt.


Ramya Harish said

Hi Natasha… Ur hindi s so good… U have a lovely voice… Other than those shaky notes, nice attempt.,


Prathi said

hi natasha…. your singing is good, no doubt about it… but your giving lot of vibratos in many places where it is not necessary so take care of it, sing with only karoke… so you can do still better…
good voice keep it up

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