Baddest Broad (P.Winn)

Lyrics & Chords

“P.Winn Lyrics” Chorus—-
Im in the club and im looking for the baddest broad. And If you see her point her out. She twerkin hard up on the floor I’m fents to see what she about, I’m throwin money in the Air we having fun up in the club now!! 2x

“P.Winn Verse” Verse——
Fall up in the club yea we rollin boo, i cant stop jiggin dude Fuck ya if you hatin dude, what it do. Bouncin crazy all night, woke up the next morning sore like i’ve been hoopin all night. And I aint worried about no bitch, I got some bitches to fight them bitches, I got my gun to kill them niggas.


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by P.winn

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