Baby's Swim

Lyrics & Chords

Baby’s Swim by Mazen Abdallah and Lazzy Lung

Honey, yet another day passes by
We cuddle up in bed and I look into your eyes
You take off all your clothes, I am ready and poised
We start to kiss and then we hear a loud noise
We were about to get horny & wild
But we were interrupted by that motherfucking child
It screams all day and it screams all night
It just got teeth and now it’s starting to bite

I know that it’s kind of crazy
But honey why don’t we drown our baby
I can’t fall asleep now my nerves are getting thin
So let’s take baby for a swim

It wets the crib and it throws up on my screen
It’s like a little bodily fluid machine
It doesn’t use the toilet it just poops in its place
And it watches us clean it with a smile on its face
It howls when it wants food or when it’s to be fed
If it could just learn sign language that would be swell
It showers in the sink now the pipes are all clogged
If we could just leave it for a day too long


I know that it’s kind of crazy
But we should really just drown our baby
That little fucking monster makes me look like a fool
So let’s throw it in the swimming pool

That little fucking demon climbs on everything it sees
It’s always chewing stuff and it’s stealing my keys
You play with it all day and you say you’ve got its nose
But I would rather get a bucket and a garden hose
I’m spending lots of money it’s expensive to feed
How many kinds of milk, how many diapers does it need?
It’s gonna cost a pile of money at best
I know a tub of water will cost a lot less


I know that it’s really crazy
But we should really just down our baby
I hate that thing I won’t even pretend
So let’s throw it in the deep end
Okay honey, we don’t have to drown the baby


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