Baby Muo!

Lyrics & Chords

Verse 1:

Any time I see you baby my body dey wire

Baby you got to know say na you I desire

If you go gree my love na you I go marry

And I will stand by you till the day we go tarry

baby girl you know say, I truly love you

I’ll never let you go, cause I really love you

I’ll take you to a place, where ya never been girl…….

I’ll never break your heart, Cos I really love you


Baby muo (x2) I really love you

Baby muo (x2) I truly love you

Baby muo (x2) n’ga agbara gi egwu

Baby muo (x2) n’ga egburu gi ewu

Verse 2:

Anything wey you want o baby just ask me,

I dey sing this song cos I don’t wanna loose u,

No be ordinary song, na for special lovers,

Sing it for your girl; she will truly love u,

I will take you to a place, where you’ve never…. been girl,

I will never break your heart, cos I really love you,

You are my number 1, my super woman

the one I truly love, my kind of woman REPEAT CHORUS

(Slow Dogg’s Rap)

Baby boo,u r my boo, you, I go take care of u,kporo giwa gaa zoo

baby,o,lee ka i na acha ka obara,I wan marry u if u like come from Ozara,

From your head to ur toe di okay.Chei!,see ur brazillian hair,

I wonder how our children go be bcos u too fine and I call u beyonce ,

u go born 4 like Chinedu,Ngozi,Chijioke ya na comfor.

On d wedding day mehn,o ga adi egwu,u no be celebrity mehn,o ga na-ewu,

so coolu temper make I buy u lacasera,after lacasera we go go iyabasira,mmuah,

yuh,slow dogg,fado,we keeping it real anytime,let’s go!… (Chorus till music fades)


Baby-girl you know I really love ya

Don’t wanna let you go ma girl

Come gimme da true love I need girl

Ya know me love ya!


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by Fado Flo

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