Baby, Keep the Lights On

Lyrics & Chords

Baby, don’t touch that lightswitch, oh
We’ve got so much to see in this limelight….
Another moment of you lying on my chest,
I’d be happy with just that
With that look you kiss me on the lips and the world seems to float away at that….
Hold on to me and we’ll take the world apart, with our eyes our ears and our hearts………

Baby, don’t get out of bed just yet, there’s still so much to do on this matress….
Put in the movie but we’re not go.nna watch, my eyes are set on you
Go with the flow, just wait for the motions, yeah
Wait till the moment’s right, and we can end the world tonight……

Baby, please don’t feel bad, I’d do it over and over again for you….
Another night with you, so many amazing moments, I wouldn’t have it any other way….
I realize that I’m not too good at this yet, but bear with me I’ll be better over time….

You’re the only one on my mind and I don’t want that to change
Everytime we kiss I wanna stay in the moment, everytime we touch I can’t get enough of it….

Baby, don’t fall aleep just yet, keep your eyes open for the morning sun….
Get comfortable using my chest as a headrest, listen to my heart as it gets going fast….
Don’t worry, I’d take all the trouble in the world just to stay another night….
Your eyes close on me, I’ll be there when you open ’em up.

I know it’s not much, but you’re all I got…….


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