Lyrics & Chords

Artists: SP.Balasubramaniam, SPB Charan & Prashanthini

Prashanthini’s breezy introduction paves way for the father and son combination. You immediately have a smile on your face once they take over. With very minimal beats, GV allows both the singers do the talking…. ahm singing. We travel back a couple of decades as the song makes you desirous about yesteryear melodies. The tempo remains the same till the end as neither the dad nor the son take backseat. An absolutely mellifluous song! Another one which has the potential to make it to the top!



Naddu said

same as the abve rqust… pls


Karthik Karunanithi said

i uploaded this songs for my own purpose. i happy for those who listen and made comments. im alrdy enable the download options. there is thousands of websites providing downloads services. why just expecting here to download. Thanks for the Rude comments :)

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