Anjali Anjali Pushpanjali

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Hi this is the flute version of ARR’s famous Anjali Anjali Pushpanjali from the movie Duet.

The song is played after the initial humming, please be patient ;-). and please do not forget to leave your comments!!

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Thank you!! :-)



Shaniruh said

Nicely done ….liked it :)


Bansuri Arvind said

@ ammu and Shaniruh : thanks a lot!! :-)
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Abz said

really nice; just a few suggestions:
1) it sounds like your rushing through the part “poove on padathi….” to be able to complete it in 2 breaths. You need to sustain the ending notes of each word to sound even better. Your second stanza was better but again when you reached this part same problem
2) if you used another instrument for the female voice it would have been nicer; the female was was flat and your flute was sharp so the transition was a little off
Overall, great attempt! do you have the chords for this song?

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