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Friends,Here is my version of the song Ami je tomar from Bhool Bhulaiyya.I just love this I ve tried to make a karaoke.Pls let me know how I sang this one.Another tough song :).



Murali Ramanathan said

Meena….you have done a decent job on this song. Your swarasthanams are all fine…Your voice is good…What I feel is that when you render sangathis, especially ones which are bit complicated, you loose control. And sometimes it seems to be not fallng in the correct notes.It seems like you hurry bit there….You nee to be careful in those places. Then I think you need to improve the recording quality…

Warm Regards,
Murali Ram


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

@ Murali :Thanks a lot for this wonderful comment.I am definitely aware of the sangathis part…Anyways thanks for pointing out.Recording part of it-I am still working on it.Would try my best possible way…


Srujana Nadella said

Very nice rendition of the song….good going


Srini S said

Really a tough song.did a great job.mixing could b
better.all the best n keep practising.sing more song



Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

@AJ :Thanks a lot for the detailed comment.Aprrecciate it:).

@Srinivasan: Thanks :).Would keep improving.


Mohammed Ashraf said

Hindi version of our own “oru murai vanthu paarthaya” from Manichithrathazhu (not talking abt the tune, but the situation!). It’s a real test for the singers and u r upto the marks.

Enjoyed a lot……

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Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

@Ashraf :Thanks :).Yes,your right Manichitrathazhu was the originally made in malayalam realeased in 1995.Climax song sung by the gr8 Chitra ji.Then remade as apthamithra in Kannada.Climax song was Ra raa sung by the one and only Smt.Nithyasree Mahadevan whom I have been blessed to be known personally for about several yrs now.Remade in Tamil sung by Binny.Again in Telugu sung by none other than Nithyasree ji herself.


Mohammed Ashraf said

Hmmmm….great to have good singers amoung your friends. I think it helps a lot.

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Vamsi Nadella said

Meena Garu,

Very tough song andi….You did great……excellent….especially….the last sangathis….i was feeling out of breath while listening to you….One thing is why did you do the sangathis and the aalap? You should have left the male vocals in the sangathis for the jugalbandhi and then should have sang all the male sangathis @ the end. The reason i’m saying this is….since you sang everything (and twice at many times) it looked like you were rushing into things rather than you enjoying the swaras….Just My 2 cents,

Hearty appreciation for attempting this and doing great.

The recording as many suggested, made your voice very muffled….Rest everything seems great.,….5/5 from me.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Well said…Ur absolutely right…Would keep this suggestion in mind…Just wanted to try out this way and see how it would be…Thanks :)


Arvind R said

Thanks for inviting me to comment on this song … much appreciated.

Very nice semi classical nicely composed. Seems like Raaga Bilawal in Hindustani … I could be wrong.

The track has lost dynamics as it seems to have been stripped of the original vocal using software. So it has lost a lot of frequencies and this is the danger when you strip vocals. A lot of tones are lost and seems a bit unnatural.

You have sung well but what I have noted is the following:
- you still have reverb issues, you voice is too coloured.
- in medium to fast phrases your endings are not properly finished….you leave it a bit unfinished as you are keen in starting the next line. This makes it sound pitchy.
- Lastly, you seem to be pitchy in some embellishments which needs more practice.

Otherwise you seem to sing well, but I am not able to fully appreciate it because of the colouration in your voice due to reverb and effects … needs to be much more transparent.

Cheers and please take these in the positive sense. Good effort no doubt.


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

@Arvind :I appreciate ur detailed comment :).I am trying a lot to improve with the softwares available…


Kumaran said

This is a brave effort Meena, I have heard this covered by Srividya earlier. Wonderful effort, recording could be improved a lot, swarams were fantastically done!!!


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam (no longer active on muziboo- pl visit me at said

Hi Meena, nice one although your sangathis are a little different from the ones in the original, which is fine. But as Murali pointed out, they seem to lack stability. Also, pronunciation could be better. A little more energy and peppiness would make it sound even better!
Overall, a very tough song and you’ve done a good job. Swaras very well done! (The MMGGSSNN is off pitch- but for that swaras were very good)
But I do realise, its very easy to point out flaws. You have indeed done a very good job! Really enjoyed the swaras followed by aalaaps at the end.



Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

@Kumaran :Thanks :).I agree kumaran,recording needs a lot of improvement.

@Sindhuja :All these minute details from you makes me improve a lot.When recorded itself I thought one particular phrase was pitchy,still it sounds pitchy only to my ears.But never thought this one would though :).I knew a lot of energy,stability could be missing probably bcos of my very bad system of recording which is available right now.Blame on me for having such a bad one :(.Well,Lets hope for the best if anything at all could be done to this one right now:).Thank you so much sindhu for dropping your valuable feedback.I appreciate :).


Shyam Sundar said

There is an innocence in this rendition.Sweet!


αнмε∂ Khan said

A typical Shreya Ji rendition…
Meena Ji u av a very good control in your voice :)
The way sherya sang specially “Harkatain” is not a joke to sing…
I’m impress that you attempted it but you can sing more better….I’m sure after this classy n tuff rendition you got new experiences :)
Good Luck! (y) :)


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

@Shyam: Thanks for dropping in your feedback:).Sorry for the delayed reply here.

@Ahmed khan:Thanks!!


Mirized Kapadia said

Hi Meena!! This was quite good……I liked it!!
Can u please tell me how you made the karaoke version/backing track of this song?? I would really love to make one for myself or if you have it can you please mail me a copy of the backing track file??
Thanks. :)


Vikrant Srivastava said

really very nice voice ……. but at some nodes u r deviating frm originals …but good try ….keep it up


Sohel Haque said

i am looking for this song long time
great song


Ag said

Very nicely recorded karaoke. I love the song in your voice !

Dr Alok Gupta


Ramanie said

I am not Hindi but Honestly song (Ami je Tomar and Suniyo ji) the great voice sing by Lata,Sherya Ghospal and Anwesha…so sweet…God Bless You


Ajeesh Kakkarath said

….really good work…chechee…
hindi diction could have been better……

….still…the complete feel is there……


Dc said

lier…… this is a bengali song… ok and u hav not recorded this….


Shawon said

Ami jodi Amar Valobhar manushtikey gaye shonatey partam,ah mising somuch joy………….ah…ah


Akruti said

Very nice …. you have great voice !!!! beautifully sang.
Can you pleas tell me where can I find the music karaoke for hindi songs…. like this quality of yours for Ami je Tomar
Please help me with


Soumikghosh said

a long awaited search ……… such a nice composition ……… worth for remembrance …….the audio sparkle with glitters of raag, taal,tamak,& jawab ……… what a superb blend of life with music…………


Sohag Mia (back in action) said

OMG! Really wonderful! In my favorite list………………….
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