Amar Swapno Tumi - Bengali

Lyrics & Chords

Thought of sharing this Bengali Song I had attempted to sing a while back. This is actually a duet, but I did both parts :-P

Here’s my first attempt at singing in a lingo I have no clue of…! Though I love Bengali as a language for it’s sweetness, and this song is very close to my heart :)

(Please spare the diction issues… also, the mix is very basic)

Original: Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle

Lyrics (cant guarantee accuracy, please correct if wrong):
Amar swapno tumi ogo chiro diner shathi
Tumi shurjo otha bhor amar aar tarai vhora raati
Amar swapno tumi ogo chiro diner shathi

Ami tomar chaya, tomar akash neele ami
Snigdho megher maya
Tomai kache peye, prithibite ke aar shokhi
Bolo amar cheye
Ami tomar chaya, tomar akash neele ami
Snigdho megher maya
Tomai kache peye, prithibite ke aar shokhi
Bolo amar cheye, tomai kache peye

Hater adal diye bachaw, jhoder mokher bati
Amar swapno tumi ogo chiro diner shathi

Tumi cherona haat pothe, jodhi adhar ashe i neme
Grohon joto koro amai, toto i badho preme
Pashe i amar thako, jibon take shanti diye
Shobuj kore rakho, pashe i amar thako
Tomar pujar dookkho shokher premer mala gathi

Amar swapno tumi ogo chiro diner shathi
Tumi shurjo otha bhor amar aar tarai vhora raati



Anirudh Ks said

Neha Finaly you dared to do a Bengali…. I know you were wanting to do this sometim in 2009 … very well done…. liked it :)
“Music is a universal Language”
and I am proud to be a part of it :)



Neha ........ said

yep yep… thanks for ur quick comment Ani… :-)


Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

Nice one, Neha…. very few pronunciation issues…. and the feel is quite in place…. at places, you have a flavour of Asha’s style in Bengali…. all in all, a great piece of work… !!



Unnikrishnan Kb said

Very nicely rendered. I have heard this song before. You have done it well. Good one. Neha. your voice culture is good. Thank you for sining and uploading. :)
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Harry Chops said

Good job Neha. Recording and mixing is top notch too.
Ik Punjabi vi ho jaaye kudiye………Phatte chak deyaange.
Thumbs up!

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Your feedback is requested.


Neha ........ said

Shaniruh, Neil, Bodhi, Unni and Harry, thans a ton for your comments…
@Harry… aaho ji ik Punjabi gaana vi ga hi lena chaida hai huun… chak de phatte…! ;-)


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

:)absolutely beautiful, viswaas naheen ho raha tum bengali bhee ga sakte ho….you sound totally different. Goes to my favourites……

Some of the Harqats, notes could be better if only you were a lil more confident :)….your a great singer Neha……Ab jab aise gaane gana shuru kar hi diya hai to , kuch aur gane ho jayeen Ashaji aur lataji ke……Ye Dil Maange more….



Rinu Srinivasan said

Neha neha neha!!!!
This one is the best one!!
Loved it!!


Priya said

Very nice singing Neha. Liked your singing style. Well done .

Please listen to my latest duet when time permits . Will look forward to your valuable feedback.

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Vijay Iyer (away...) said

Nice work Neha….beautiful cover !



Neha ........ said

@Rakesh!!! You favouriting it, being a Kishore-da number… means a hell lot! thanks, very motivating!!!
@Rinu, Priya, Vijay, so glad u liked my effort… means a lot, esp for this song :)


Soumitra Sarkar said

Neha- clap clap clap :) loved the Bengali song in your voice :) khub bhalo :) keep up the good work :)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Shukran Allah attempt.


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Neha ……loved the Bengali version of Sara pyar tumhara….liked it very much. Beautiful feel.
Check out

Bhool gaya sab kuch

Aye dil hai Mushkil
Dekha na hai re socha na-
Pukarta chala hoon mai

dil ke jharonke mein


Ramya Harish said

Neha, am a fan of bengali songs. And loved ur rendition. It was so casual n nice!
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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Lovely song pick (Saara Pyaar hamara) and you sang well, Neha! Bengali has such a dulcet sound to it… beautiful language. Now you inspire me to try a Bangla number too… :-)
liked it very much,
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Harry Narain said

Hi Neha,

Lovely voice…. Great singing…. Recording sounds superb….



Neha ........ said

Thanks a ton for ur feedback Soumitra, Harshan, Ramya, Sudha, Harry J and Harry N
@Soumitra (& Bodhi), special dhanyabaad… Bengali being your mother tongue, it makes me feel double glad y’all appreciated my effort :) :D
@Sudha, it sure is a beautiful languge, will look fwd to ur Bangla song :)


Satish Vammi said

Nice one, Neha….your voice is sounding good in this song….enjoyed listening…


Sudeip Ghosh said

omigod !! omigod !! omigod !!
I was blown away when i heard this !!!!
Neha you are a bong trapped in a Delhi !
you belong to Calcutta
this song was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the high parts were mindblowing and even the vocal work through the chorus was simply mindblowing…not to mention the mix in general was very very very well done and the singing was par excellent !!

so my roomate overheard me listening to the song and he was mentioned….who is this professional singer?? and then when i told him…he said she should definitely pursue a career in singing and not to mention he too was blown away….

the bengali lingo was amazing…simply mindblowing
goes to my favorites and straight into my iPod….you should receive the muziboo grammy for this song !!

Very well done and awesome….a very humbling moment and very well done !
keep up the excellent work !
excellent singing
totally loveddd it !! very very nice !!!
totally amazing work !!!!!!
Very good ! very nice !! excellent !!!!!!
~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Sudeip Ghosh said

i am totally hooked on to this song !! you have an amazing voice and amazing talent…you should really quit whatever you are doing and completely pursue a career in singing !!!!!!!! autograph please !!!! Very beautiful voice….totally loved it !!!!!!!
~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Neha ........ said

@Satish, thanks a ton! glad u liked :)
@Sudeip, my song going to Sudeip Ghosh’s ipod! that’s one of the best compliments i’ve ever received… i so admire u as a musician…! Thanks a million (to ur roomie too)! :D :D


Venkie said

awesome !!!!! amazing voice neha…….!! very nicely sung !!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Lovely song – the hindi version is one of my favs. Very well sung Neha. I knew there was a bengali version but got to hear it only today. Thanks for posting this beautiful song.



Shampak Chakravorty said

Heya Neha….

This is very nice…. dictions are fine…. just needed fine tunnings…. are yaar could have asked any of us…. could have sorted this out…. Like Adithi ji did….
Hats off to you for tryn an alien language even without help….
Pitchn could have been better….
Anyway A big thumbs up from me…. :D


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Neha ........ said

Thanks Venkie, Kumar and Shampak :)


Pritam Das said

Amazing singing……quite similar to Asha!!
Btw do you have any connection to Bengal?

Please listen to my latest upload – Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi


Deblina M (away) said

Lovely Attempt Neha :)


Kala Vijay Pro user said

dont know bangla,but heard saara pyar thumara.
so liked it very much.


Priyanka Das said

hi neha,,,khub bhalo laglo tomar gaan sune,,,kokhono time pele amar gaan suno…bye


Neha ........ said

Thanks tonnes all!


Swaraaj said

Neha, nice singing! Liked it very much.

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Ankhon mein teri


Anirban said

wow your bengali diction is much better than mine…i am embarrassed…… you sound much better while singing bengali….please convert :-) lol!!

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Your feedback will be of great help.
~ Anirban


Rahul Mehra said

awsm voice…… i knw this song as my lover gave this to me…. i liked this song n was searching 4 the lyrics…. n when i listened to ur voice…. i was in awe tat ur a gr8 singer…. i like ue voice…. kishore should hav taken u instead of asha…. lolz…. seriously ur a very good singer….


Sudhakar said

beautiful voice u have neha ji, aur bengali gaana bhi bahut ache tarah se gaaya hai aapne, keep it up, listen to my first BENGALI SONG CHIRODINI.


Asim Ghosh said

Nice rendition NehaJi, very cute accent. Your voice suits on AshaJi numbers indeed. Liked it a lot. Hats off to your effort.

Listen to my song when you get a chance:
“Gaa-Ke Jiyo Toh …. Geet Hai Yeh Zindagi”

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