ama orissa

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this song, manifests the patriotism among oriya people towards their state orissa.“we r proud to be oriya” “we stand united all the time,amidst all adversities and diversities”

i composed and programmed this song for etv oriya greatful to mr sanjay pathak and mr satya rath, fot their standalone



Shashank Gokhale said

Wow ! What an arrangement man….

Great composition….And would be a great hit number in ORISSA….I am sure….:D

God Voice too….Catcy and attractive….


Sibu Jena said

thanks shashank. you r too humble and a real musician. becoz you have the heart to appreciate others.i know what all mistakes i did in this song, ilearn from this.morever by listening to your compositions and others too, i learn alot too.very little i know regarding music,i cant quench the thirst of “knowing more”…… knowledge is unending.
it doesnt matter who takes the credit, but i need uploading some songs ,which i did for
some of my oriya cinema. im starting to programme “jahan le jayegi mujhe jindegi”{your song}.hope i wont spoil your song.but you alsso have to add some guitar tks to it….lets see what happens
god bless you!


Srinivas Panda said

bahut badhia gita te bhai !!
kete jana singer achhanti ethire ? mu suni nathili kebe. se ‘chhaiyan chhaiyan’ ra music pakei deichhanti majhire !! nahele bahut bhala arrangement !!

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Srinivas Panda,
Music Composer


Deepak Basti said

fine yaar , incredible odisha


Raj said

Dear sibu bhai ,
Nicely sung with good music.I wish to coreograph it .Help me to download this.

raj K Panda

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