Aisee Ki Thaisee - The Rebels - Original Song - Rishi S, Vishwa Deepak & KB

Lyrics & Chords

I am so proud of this song. This is an Original number from Rishi S in which I was enjoying VD bhai’s lyrics. The song represents the voice of the rebellion Indian youth fight for their rights!!!

The song was completely out of my comfort zone. I thank the creators, (Rishi & VD) for their patience and guidance. Great learning.

Title : Aisee ki thaisee – The Rebels
Lead Vocals: KB
Lyrics: Vishwa Deepak
Additional Vocals: Rishi S
Composed By : Rishi S
Exit Note in the voice of Vishwa Deepak


सादी या आधी या पौनी थालियाँ,
भूखे को सारी……. हैं गालियाँ….

झटका ज़रा दो,
फ़टका जमा दो,
हक़ ना मिले तो,
ऐसी की तैसी……

दुम ना हिलाओ,
कान काट खाओ,
हड्डियाँ चबाओ,
ऐसी की तैसी….

भुलावे में जिये अभी तक,
चढावे में दिये उन्हें सब,
मावे की लगी जो हीं लत,
वादों पे लगी चपत…….

झटका ज़रा दो,
फ़टका जमा दो,
हक़ ना मिले तो,
ऐसी की तैसी……

दुम ना हिलाओ,
कान काट खाओ,
हड्डियाँ चबाओ,
ऐसी की तैसी….

लुट के, घुट के, फुट के, रोना क्या?
लुट के, घुट के, फुट के, रोना क्या?
लुट के, घुट के, फुट के, रोना क्या?
लुट के, घुट के, फुट के, रोना क्या?

बढ के गढ ले…. आ जा………. बरछा धर ले…….

ऐसी की तैसी….

मौका है ये
जाने ना दे
कांधे पर से

बेताल फिर डाल पर….

छलावे से छिने हुए घर ,
अलावे जां जमीं मुकद्दर,
दावे से तेरे होंगे सब,
हो ले जो ऐसा अजब…

झटका ज़रा दो,
फ़टका जमा दो,
हक़ ना मिले तो,
ऐसी की तैसी……

दुम ना हिलाओ,
कान काट खाओ,
हड्डियाँ चबाओ,
ऐसी की तैसी….

कचरा हटा दो,
ऐसी की तैसी….
लफ़ड़ा मिटा दो,
ऐसी की तैसी…

तुम्हें बिगड़ा कहे जो,
पिछड़ा कहे जो,
उसकी तो
ऐसी की तैसी….

Aisee ki thaisi by Rishi S is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
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Rinu Srinivasan said

Wow wow wow!!
What a singing chetta’!
Great !


Harsh Shah said

Kya Baat Kya baat Kya Baatfab singing and fab lyrocs


Cnu said

Nice work guys!
A very nice and fresh number……
very apt lyrics.

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Babu Nm said

unni this is great ….man

great simply great……what a singing unni
love it and goes to my favorite

“Music is God’s gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven."
may god bless you and be with you. ALWAYS……


Jaishree Pro user said

Very nice energetic composition !…Very nice music and singing (Unni). Liked it!


Devan S said

Nice team work guys.
Rishi : good composition and
Unni : u were best in ur part.
(Sorry to say abt the lyrics, not much good in the lang.)

Thanks for sharing
Sangeetha Saagaram
“**** Music leads my life……****”


Arkay 4music said

hey Unnikrishnan !! I donno hindi , but enjoyed the music a lottt …. amazing :)


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Unni,Rishi& Vishwa Very nice work impressive tune :D

unni kalakkitto :D

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Rekha swaminathan (on and off...) said

Wow, that was quite good!! :)
Liked the processed voice in the initial lines…
Unni, way to go! :)
I liked the concept and lyrics too….good job again!
please visit few of my latest songs –
Ooru sanam
Aathangara Marame with Deepesh
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Hindyugm Awaaz said

hey vd, i know from where this “pichda” came from ha ha……well u are too good in the end, concept and execution everything is perfect, and hey unni…….u are really talented man….keep it up……rishi another good attempt to try somthing different



Adithi said

Was that you, Kutta!!!! Loved your voice in this song! Your versatility is so admirable in this lovely, fresh tune! Fabulous work by Rishi, especially with the interludes. Vishwa Deepak’s lyrics are beautiful.

To favs!
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Ajay m nair said

lovely one unni, vishwa & rishi…… keep it up


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Unnikutta,
Rocking rendition in style that is the result of a great team work !
Excelled in every department of lyrics, composition, orchestration, rendition & recording/mixing !
Hats off to you all !
LOVED it to the core !
Added to my favourites too !
Thanks for sharing !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Sushanth Shankar said

Hey Guys!

Very creative work this… Great work by Rishi and Vishwa!!

Unni… Hats OFF to you bro for the versatility!! You rock man! I have no words to say how I feel listening to u sing… All I can say is…. You have another FAN!!! :D

All the very best guys!

- Sushanth


Kala Vijay Pro user said

my god,u r becoming super singer composer,total musician.we are going to have here many more shankar-eshan-lloys i hope.
all the best to this creative team.hope more such wonderful songs will follow.


Harry Jassal (trying to reconnect) said

This is yet another brilliant number from you Unni, great work Rishi and wonderful Lyrics by VD. Kudos to the team.
—Harry Jas

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Shelly Kurian said

hi Unni

Awesome! Real pro material!
Hats Off Unni…amazing stylish singing!
Excellent composition by Rishi, and Vishwa too, superb. may God bless you Unni, Rishi, Vishwa in all your future projects…

going to click favorite button in 2 seconds…:)


“Music is the shorthand of emotion”

Shelly Kurian


Saroj Nair said

good one unni, vishwa & rish
really enjoyed it


Sheba said

A wonderful perfomance…


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

is this really You ?
Could not believe yaar.
Lovely singing……Getting to the versatility track now eh? Loved it.

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Sojan Chacko said

Unni great attempt and singing. Liked it.


Raj kumar Anjan Pro user said

Playing pranks, Unni??? Sounded different with befitting and tongue-twisting lyrics… Professional mixing… Enjoyed it very much… Mind you – your tenure with muziboo is coming to an end… Better find a place in playback singers’ league… Good team work… All the best…
Thanks & Regards,

We seal our fate with the choices we make…


Karthigaa Vijayakumar said

hi Unni,
surfed all muzicians blog in muziboo and came to ur blog too past two days listening to ur blog regularly……i like ur voice it is very spontaneous and u r a innovatie singer ……keep singing more and make our ears and Soul happy forever……….thumbs up .
hi listen to my songs and give ur comments


Swati Prasad said

Simply superb
what am awesome song
great composition
and superb lyrics



(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Hi Unni,
Great singing as usual.
Man with Romantic VOICE!!!
My Wishes….:)

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Sushane Shankar said

OMG! Rishi…. man wat r u made of? Unni…. need i say something? :-P Great job Vishwa…… Spiffing!!

ARR -————————> GOD!


Harry Chops said

Is that you Unni? Mind blowing singing. I heard anoter creation from Rishi and Vishwa today which was sung by Kuhoo. Here again I feel its quite like ARR types composition.
Great work team. Congrats!
Please check out my latest -
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Please provide your feedback.


Rahul Soman said


One question…. what did I tell you about Rishi? Answer that…. then I will give feedback about this song ;)
Rahul Soman‍
“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

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Unnikrishnan Kb said

@Rahul – Oh yeah you told me that you wonder y rishi is not asking me for a song. :) And yes he pushed me out of my comfort zone. :) Thanks to him.:) It was a great learning.

And all you people in muziboo thanks a ton guys…
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Faisal Kp said

Hi Unni and crew,

Amazing composition and rendition. Really enjoyed.
Music is love!!!!!!!


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

good work.nice to hear originals…
well sung unni.

biju ramachandran


Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

wow….Rishi lovely work man……Good lyrics viswa……good singing unni ……loads of attitude ……Gud team work


Rahul Soman said


I am really amazed guys…. all 3 of you just did a song that beats any of the current trend songs. Great output. Loved it.
Rahul Soman‍
“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

Please listen to the original compositions for which I have penned lyrics

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Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Unni, excellent song-lyrics, composition and singing! Very much a contemporary song of high professional standards-Congrats to the whole team!


Swamy Kitcha said

Aweosome work trio’s :). Unni, nice to hear you singing in a different style. Keep it up.

Rishi, Great composition. Loved it.
Vishwa Deepak – You seem to be the hunted lyric writer for Hindi Songs. That says it all :). Keep up the good work.

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Musically Yours,
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Saqib Javed said

hi unni,rishi and vishswa…
i m not a fan of this kind of song but…….
great team work guyz what an arrengement great yaar….very professional….singing lyrics composing…all …mindblowing…
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Suresh r (slowly slowly slowly....on the track) said

Wow….My goodness……MY 7TH FAV IN MUZIBOO…….

Unni , i cannot believe my ears……Yaar , this looks like an ARR number…Even we poor people may think that it is done by ARR himself or his programmers – Sridharji & Sivakumar….Yammoy , what a beautiful pragramming….ARR….A.Rishi Rishi………Unni , your vocal side is simply outstanding……

Rishi , hi……thank u so much yaar…….great great great

Viswa , congrats for such a beautiful cum soul ful lyrics.

Goes to my fav……Congrats
“Santham Gambheeram….Loka Samstha Sukhino Bavanthu”


Bcuber said

Great work guys…. Thoroughly enjoyed!!! Great work team!
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Vineet Bedi said

I heard it earlier and really liked it! Great Work….
(unfortunately last time the comment was not saved)

All the Best! Cheers

Vineet Bedi


Venkat S said

Brilliant arrangements Rishi. Nice singing Unni. I can see different dimention of yours. a versatile singer you are.

All the best guys. Keep exploring. Sky is the limit.



Vishak Subramoney said

wonderful work as always Unni….very nice.


Sowmya Srini (getting back slowly....) said

Amazing song and brilliant singing Unni and great team work………ek dum masti wala gaana hai. Enjoyed it very much.

Check out my latest :
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Bala (composer/producer) said

Hey this is cool… Unni, good job.

Rishi, awesome composition with lot of energy…. Great going!! Liked it :)
- Bala

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Srividhya Kannan said

Very nice!! :D
*Dream to Achieve**


Syed Ahmed said

vow mast composition yaar greeeeeeaaaaattttt….


Sonu Kanna said

xlent singign both

A perfect stranger

“No Prejudice comparisons”


Max Vala said

Vishwa Deepak
Rishi S,

Excellent work!

max vala

Rishi S said

Thanks everyone for listening and for the feedback!


Pinks said

Wonderful……amazing rendition and great feel! Excellent… you really rock dear!
Tc & keep smiling


Smitha Passanha said

Whoa….how did I miss this one! Awesome effort guys.

- Smitha

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Santosh george wilson said

excellent! :)


Shaniruh Pro user said

Unni, Vishwa & Rishi
Gr8 work guys :)
Loved it !

Cheers :-)



Lavanya S ishwaran said

awesome job guys… love this style of singing too unni!!… m glad u were pushed out of ur comfort zone… :)

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