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A very melodious song from the movie jism 2 and sung brilliantly by none other than krishnakumar kunnath (K.K). I heard it first time from my brother as he kept it on repeat in his iPod and asked me a lot of times to listen to it. It didn’t attract me at the beginning because of it’s starting low notes. Couple of days ago i went out for a jogg and thought of listening to it fully. It actually gave me goosbumps and i decided to give it a go. I was fortunate enough to find the karaoke online. i have given my humble attempt to it. I do hope everyone out there like it. Thank you for listening.



Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Nouman—-Hearing the song in-full the first time,Had Heard in Glimpses Before….But a Soothing melody to it……Seem’s a Vocal-cut track……But,Good Enough to Quench the Desire to sing On….Your vocal’s seemed more matured in this song….Good One friend….keep sharing……loved your take………All the Best…


Nouman Khokhar (busy! will be back soon) said

Jivan – thank you for your feedback. It’s not vocal cut track. It’ an actual K-track. Here is the link for it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaaPK2quTG8
i just added a vocal reflection effection to the K-track probably the reason to you it seems like it’s a vocal cut track. Thank you once again!

Abhi Abhi-Jism 2


Saroj Nair said

i think first time in your page…
not familiar with the song…
very nice voice…and well sung Nouman…


Neil swanson.. Serious fall again .black out. neck surgery coming in 2 wks prayers requested thanks neil Pro user said

HI Nouman such great singing u have really
done a super job on this. great modulation
presence and viibrance. congrats loved it

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Hema Shamal Pro user said

Wonderful KK song you’ve picked Nouman and beautifully sung.Very good song suggestion by your brother.Your diction is good.I think,mix could have been better,but nevertheless,nice enjoyable rendition.Enjoyed your take very much.


Gautam Parekh said

Nouman Bro….
I think hearing to you after long time….
Well i am not familiar with song but i am also in new generation. Loll!!!
K.K. is one of my favorite singer too….
Very good tune. You have sung well in very good manner. Liked your charming voice in this rendition.
Goes to my favorite….
All the best. Keep in touch bro….
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♪♪♪ praveen Pandit ♪♪♪ said

Hi Nauman, Me too first time on your page!!and I must say I really enjoyed your rendition. Yes most of the songs from this movie are beautiful. And you have sung it very nicely….Goes toFav!!!
Thanks and Regards,
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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Nouman…I am listening to this song for the first time….beautifully sung…loved your high registers and sustains….just felt some minor pitchout in the mid registers….but overall a very soulful and great rendition….I like kAYkAY too…he has a very distinct voice texture…very contemporary and this song really suited your voice…L + F
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Anirban said

Nouman, my recent favorite by KK. You did a very very good job!! loved the vocals and expressions….few pitching issues…but overall you did wonderful……



Priyanka Das said

nice singing….listen to my version….thanks


Sohag Mia (back in action) said

Lovely singing Nouman bro….Thumbs up and goes to my fav!
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Sami said

very good singing……you have a great voice…

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