Aap ko bhool jayein hum itne to bewafa nahi....(Ghazal-Chitra Singh) sung by Dr Sridhar Saxena

Lyrics & Chords

This outstanding ghazal caught my imagination in 1985 when Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh released his album ECHOES. Sung by his wife Chitra Singh (a live concert recording), this ghazal is so touchingly written and composed that one is immersed in it. Later I listened to other versions of this ghazal also by Mitali Singh and also the original one by Mehdi Hassan/Noor Jahan (Film-Tum Mile Pyar Mila-Pakistan)but Chitra Singh’s version, in my opinion, is best composed.

Highlight of this ghazal are Flute interludes (I dont know who played it)which are breathtaking-to say the least…….

I have prepared this karaoke track myself (by cut paste method-not a vocal cut) using original ghazal, nothing else….

Kindly evaluate my humble effort of this ghazal which is very close to my heart (I can listen to it for years non-stop)

Please do keep in my mind that I am an untrained hobby singer only and I usually do not sing ghazals………

Lyrics- Tasleem Fazli

Original Singer- Chitra Singh

Composed by- Jagjit Singh

Album- ECHOES (1985)



Akhila... :) said

very well sung Sridhar ji! :) in between your singing was slower in than the ktrack….but well sung! :)
Margazhi thingal – Sangamam :)


Kala Vijay Pro user said

very soulful singing of this beautiful gazal.
first making the karaoke then singing really appreciate the effort saxenaji.
but it shows.you have done a very nice job.


Some one from romania said

I always thought , who has the courage of singing from the greats or legends……he/she must divine sings……and You sing like that….DIVINE……thanks your music….voice….deeply inside….Jagjit OR Chitra must be proud of you as future hopes.thanks again.


Tha Kathir said

Very nice singing and nice to listen. Keep it up.


Shreedhar Ganapathy Pro user said

Sridharji, very good singing of a melodious ghazal. Its hard to do slow ghazals as the voice needs to hold well for longer durations – you have made a good attempt.
best regards
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Angela Paduraru said

Music is sweet, nice, great….I really like.Your voice sounds beautiful,reminds me of flowing water, the breeze….thank’s, is very nice.


Dr sridhar saxena said

@ Babu Bhai- Thanx a lot for splendid comments ……you are an outstanding musician here and you have made an indelible mark in the mind of muzibians….kudos brother….regards

@ Akhila ji- I am grateful for ur valuable comments…I agree there are some grey areas in the rendition since I am not a natural ghazal singer….it is a comparatively more difficult art….so nice of you….regards

@ Harish ji- Thanx for nice comments Sir….this ghazal was sung by Chitra ji 5 yrs before tragic demise of her son in 1990….she is an excellent singer but it is also true that without Jagjit ji she would never have been famous……regards

@ Saroj ji- I am grateful for your nice comments….when it comments from an artist of ur caliber it is very satisfying….regards

@ Lakshmi ji- I salute you for ur lovely comments and also ur knowledge about Chitra Singh ji….She stopped singing after death of only son in 1990 in a car crash…she had another shock last year when her only daughter from earlier marriage committed suicide. Jagjit ji is still singing……regards

@ Kala ji- I am glad that you liked the effort….so nice of you….regards

@ Rakhitha ji- You comments are always so charming that I feel like preserving these for all the time to come….I am indebted….thanx and regards

@ SFR ji- You always have something to say which is highly knowledgeable and encouraging ….thanx sister….I am motivated to do still better

@ Javed Bhai-Thanx a lot for you detailed message ….actually one begins liking a song on first listen itself and it becomes very difficult to appreciate a diffterent composition for the same song later on ….this is the case for you as well as myself too……I have listened to Mehdi Hassan sahab/Noorjahan’s version and with due regards to these greats, I could not appreciate the composition….this is all natural ….nothing surprising….but I will once again visit the link and see it again may be I like it then……there have been songs which I developed liking on 2nd or 3rd listen.My homage to your dad and thanx for nice words for my singing ……regards @ Tha Kathir ji- I am happy that you liked the ghazal….so nice of you….regards

@ Angela ji- Thanx for lovely comparison and nice words….your love for music deserves a military salute with 21 guns……regards

@ Shreedhar ji- Your fav for the ghazal indicates that the labour was all worth it. When someone as talented and knowledgeable as you appreciates, it gives invaluable encouragement ….so nice of you Sir……I will look forward for your patronage for all the time to come……regards b
Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Dinesh Mehta said

Enjoyed your rendering of this Ghazal. You have kept the mood of the song very well.
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Harry Jassal (inactive) said

What a beautiful presentation Dr Saab… The noticeable point was there were no pops or forceful words as noted in some other rendition which is a great thing. Your singing is awesome in any case. Immensely loved it!!!

“When you’re up in life, your friends get to know who you are.When you’re down in life, you get to know who your friends are”

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Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Dr.Sridhar, lovely song!Enjoyed your version. A bit more flexibility in singing would have made it great. Congrats!


Dr sridhar saxena said

@ Paras ji- I knew it and here you are (that this ghazal is in your “to do it” list) Only an avid music lover like you could have appreciated the depth and beauty of this ghazal. I will wait for the day when you finally do it….if you are not able to get proper track elsewhere I will send mine to you….please do sing it……
By the way thanx a lot that you found the rendition worth a listen….regards

@ Dinesh ji- I am grateful Sir for your nice comments ….regards

@ Harry Jassal ji- Thanx a lot for your time and analysing the ghazal in proper perspective…. I am working on the issue you have mentioned and hopw to get rid of it….so nice of you to appreciate….regards

@ Dear Neil- I am happy that you managed to listen to it and appreciated the effort……so nice of you….hope you have recovered fully now and you computer is also convalescing ….thanx and regards…

@ Ramesh ji- So nice of you to spare time and post lovely comments… I appreciate your taste and love for good music….I will look forward for your comtinued support……thanx again and regards

@ Latha ji- I am grateful sister….so nice of you…regards

@ Rajeev ji- I was worried how would you react to my patently amateur attempt of a ghazal ….now I am relievd that you did find it worth a listen….I have noted your valuable point….would try to implement in future efforts…how I wish that I had learnt some classical music….is it too late?….only a maestro like you can tell….thanx and regards

Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Chondryma Chakrobortti (inactive) said

Sridharji…. Its a lovely Ghazal and very well rendered….
- Chondryma

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Dr sridhar saxena said

@ Chondryma ji-I am grateful for ur time and appreciation….thanx and regards

@ Swati ji- I am very thankful that you took pains to comment even when you are on the move….it is very satisfying and encouraging to know that you liked the ghazal ….so nice of you……regards

@ Sudha ji- I am very glad that you found the ghazal up to mark in most departments ….taal- wise it was bound to be somewhat erratic given that I am an amateur singer and also that singing ghazals on track is not easy….so nice of you to spare time and encourage me even though I know it was nowhere near the professional standards….regards

Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Jaishree Pro user said

Shridharji – Thans for ur invite. :) Very nice singing ji . Donr listen to many ghazals as such, but you sang with lot of feel.


Dr sridhar saxena said

@ Jaishri ji- welcome to my space and thanx for nice comments….regards

@ Shaniruh ji and Alpana ji- Thanx a lot….regards
Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Dr sridhar saxena said

@ Adwait ji I am really grateful that you spared time to listen to my backlog of songs and favorited this one too….highly encouraging to me….so nice of you Sir…regards
Dr.Sridhar Saxena

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