Aaja Piya Tohe Pyaar dun

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Hindi Song: Aaja Piya Tohe Pyar Du, Gori Baiyya Tope Var Du
Movie or Album: Baharo Ke Sapne
Singer(s): Instant Karma, Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director(s): R D Burman
Lyricist(s): Majrooh Sultanpuri

aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du
kis liye too itna udaas, sukhe sukhe honth ankhiyo me pyas
kis liye kis liye ho…….
aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du

jal chuke hain badan kayi piya isi aag me
thake huye inn hatho ko dede mere hath me
ho, (sukh mera le le, mai dukh tere le lu -2)
mai bhi jiyu too bhi jiye ho……….
aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du

hone de re jo yeh julmi hai, path tere gao ke
palko se chun dalungi mai, kante teree raho ke
ho, (lat bikhraye chunariya bichhaye -2)
baithi hu mai tere liye ho…………
aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du

apni toh jab ankhiyo se, bah chali dhar si
khil padi bas ek hansi, piya tere pyar ki
ho, (mai jo nahi hari, sajan jara socho -2)
kis liye kis liye ho…………….
aaja piya tohe pyar du, gori baiyya tope var du

HELLO FRIENDS…….Dis is my first song which i am uploading finally after such a long time………actually i was not getting time for recording…….so plzzz listen dis song patiently n tell me hwz it n ur most welcum to tell my mistakes in it so dat from the next time will surely try not to do any mistake like whichever in dis song………Thanks a Lot IN ADVANCE Friendssss………:)



Tulika Garbyal said

Yupp….next time i’ll surely do recording with karaoke….n thanks for ur suggestion sir….:)


Shaniruh said

Very well sung in ur sweet voice Tulika….keep it up :)


Tulika Garbyal said

Shaniruth…thanks a lot for appreciating it…:)


Swati Prasad said

tulika you got such a sweet voice!!
i would really love to hear it with karaoke :)
you can ask me anytime if you need any kind of help

loved it so much :)
Swati Prasad


Dr sridhar saxena said

Tulika ji welcome to Muziboo and congrats for singing superbly….very sweet vocal quality and perfect control over sur which is very discernible since it is an unplugged version….please do sing with track….you will rock here (if track is not available with you please let me know…I will arrange it)….regards
Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Sudhakar said

Hi, Tulika ji, welcome to Muziboo family, u have a lovely voice, and nicely sung too, keep posting.


Tulika Garbyal said

@ Swati…….Thanku soo much dear……will surely upload my next song with karaoke……:)

@ Dr. sridhar…thanks a lot sir ……:)

@ Sudhakar……thaknuuuuuuu……:)


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Hearty Welcome to our wonderful forum of MUZIBOO ! Nice to have you around !
Fully agree with our Rahul above !
Your good self has been blessed by GOD with a great voice & lots of singing talent !
This indeed is a beautiful rendition by you with lots of feel !
LOVED this ! Kudos !
As pointed out by Rahul, please start singing along with K-Tracks & record your renditions !
Being a beginner, you might not be well-versed in mixing which you will be able to learn in due course. In the meanwhile, anyone of us can help you with a good mixing that would make your rendition more beautiful ! Please do not hesitate to seek help in this regard !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Gautam Parekh said

Tulika ! Most well come at this beautiful community for Music & Singing. You have a wonderful voice & ability for singing. Agree with above pointers about Recording. Hope next time you following us. Keep Singing & Sharing. God bless you. Best luck for your next project. (With Karaoke track). Thanks & TC….
My Lafango Stage


Tulika Garbyal said

Thanku soo much 2 all of u….am trying to upload my new song with karaoke……:)

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