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You all muzibians have given a wonderful treat the whole month in form of Tribute to Rafi Saab. I know I am toooooo late to present my tribute to the legend. Really speaking, I wanted to sing this particular song. I tried many a times. But this song is a sakshaatkaari realisation. The words, the feelings of this song are so emmotionally strong that I neither could stop my tears while singing nor could control my emmotions, so it was simply not possible for me to sing this masterpiece. I literally gave up and decided to go for instrumental.

Actually, Banjo is not the instrument on which such type of songs are played. Banjo is ideal instrument for songa like ‘Ramaiya Vastawaiya’ or ‘Zoom Barabar Zoom Sharabi’ etc. So it was too difficult task for me. But I have given my humble effort. My honest tribute to the legend. Better late than never. Your Comments please.



Swati Prasad said

You call it attempt! for me it was impossible thing!! really amazing…. liked it so much and the emotions can still be felt!!! thanks so much for uploading this!!!!!
Swati Prasad


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Hey Swati, I am honoured with your encouraging comments. Thanks a lot.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

Wah wah Chandrakant Ji kiya bajaya hai mazza aagaya. It is impossible to churn out what human throat can using an instrument, especially those that do not produce a continuous sound. You still managed to get the most by applying pitch bend technique. The kind of Banjo that I first saw (when I was around 9-10)in Pakistan was a rectangular wooden box with six strings and old type writer style keys. It was used for most folk songs and produced very harmonic and ear catching string sounds. What you just played carried the same feel and as Swati said above I felt the emotions too. Nice piece of work. Do post instrumentals time to time.


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Hey Alpana ji. I could realise what you could have felt while performng Ab ke baras bhej bhaiyaa ko babul. Thank you so much for your truely encouraging comments on my performance.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Muzaffarji, First of all, thank you so much for your valuable comments. Secondly, I have the same kind of old Banjo what you have mentioned. Because it is old, you might hear the noise of the rusty keys many a times. Because it is not electric banjo, it’s very difficult positioning the microphone and record. I would request…. whenever you have a few minutes, do listen to my other uploaded instrumentals (‘Yeh Raate Ye Mausam’ on Banjo, ‘Yaad kiya Dil ne Kaha ho tum’ on Harmonica) and give feedbacks. Warm Regards.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Saroj Nair said

wow this is great Chandrakant
even while playing on banjo you can feel the emotion
very well played :)


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Thanks Saroj ji. It’s all the blessings of the legends…. the lyrisist, the composer and the singer of the original song that have given me the strength to pour the Feel. Thanks for your comments.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Vidhya k said

Wow! That was great, Chandrakantji. The ‘ohhhh’ part, specially, has come out so well. Enjoyed listening.


Madhukar Mehta said

Chandrakant ji…… I am overwhelmed by the write up you have and then by your Benjo performance…. This is some wonderful stuff!! Enjoyed tremendously. Thanks for uploading…… Keep them coming. May God Bless you so that you can continue to excel in your passion.
Chookar Mere Man Ko


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

What a beautiful Bango playing that has done full justice to the original !
Your good self has really been blessed by The Almighty with such a great talent !
LOVED this to the core !
Standing ovation !
This goes to my FAVOURITES too !
Thank you so much for sharing this very special one !
The very Best Tribute to Mohammed Rafisaab !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Vidhya ji, Thank you so much. As you have rightly mentioned, O ho ho part is the most important part of this song and stringing that part was most difficult as while singing we try to do it in one breath. Thanks. Did you read my personal request in scribble?
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Madhukar ji, Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I am blessed with those. btw, Have u heard my other instrumentals ?
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Dr sridhar saxena said

Chandrakant ji you have accoplished an almost impossible feat here. Banjo strings emit flat notes when played by usual run of the mill players. It is damn difficult to play subtle notes and alaaps on this instrument. Your effort must go down as one of the finest instrumental performances on net ever. I would rate it eqivalent to hawaiian guitar played songs by the legend Sunil Ganguly but here you have done better by using a humble instrument compared to the one used by Ganguly (on H.Guitar subtle notes can be played comparatively easily and alaaps can be sustained to the extent desired).This is not to belittle the efforts of Ganguly who
can play his instrument better than any one else. Congratulations Sir. I know that a favourite can not do justice to the quality work of yours….it desreves a standing ovation with 21 gun salute……regards
Dr.Sridhar Saxena


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Thinkal ji, Thank you so much for your heartfelt appreciation. I could feel how keenly you must have listened it. Thanks.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Dr. Sridhar Saxena ji, You are very good observant and you are very much aware of the strings’ instruments as well. Sunil Ganguli is a legend Sir. I need lot of practice to bring that kind of fluency. I appreciate your appreciation. I think the first feedback for me from you. I am encouraged. Regards.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Chandrakantji …my best memories of banjo from Mumbai was listening to “Mazha navin poppatt ha atha vitto vitoo bolayaille” :-)Its very hard to reproduce pathos thru banjo and I must say your playing was good……but it lacked the pathos aspect to some extent…due to its limitation….but overall you were pretty good….loved it.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Yes Harshan ji, I do agree with you. ‘Limitation’ is the only reason why banjo players usually play fast song. But I wish to go beyond that. Limitation is ok, but why not try to get the maximum best possible peak from Banjo where one would say…. ‘banjo can’t be played better than this’. Yes, I am after that. Actually, it’s my limitation that I can’t spare much time for daily riyaaz kind of thing. Thanks for your appreciation.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Wah Chandrakant Ji, You are a musician too, Awesome, Even though it may not have been perfect, but dedicating to the great legend itself is a great feeling of satisfaction. Loved your efforts !


Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Thanks Harry. I agree it has not gone to perfection at all. Still lots of things needed to be improved. Sur pakadne jao to fluency kum ho jati hai, Fluency par dhyaan do to sur mein gadbad hoti hai. Such songs are really a challenge to perform on instrument which has a limitation of continuity. Thanks for your appreciation Harry.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


αнмε∂ Khan said

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sir kia baat hai….wot a outstanding performance ….Goes to my fav:)


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Ahmedbhai, Thank you so much for ur appreciating comment and adding this to ur fav.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


>>mushy<<- said

wow … fantastic …. what a soulful rendition too good… just for my knowledge… i could hear some voice of the (pressing keys)… can this be removed … that will make it more beautiful …regards
Music has no country, no religion , Its Universal


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Thanks Mushtaque ji. The Banjo I have is too old so what you have mentioned is right…. the noise of the rusty keys many a times.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Gautam Parekh said

DEAR Chandrakant Sir….Sorry for late….
Great tribute to legend….My favourite gem of my Idol great Rafi Sahab….
Yes banjo its not appropriate instrument for this energetic song of legend….But your job is very good….nice attempt….I liked it lot….
Thanks for sharing….
My Lafango Stage


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Thank you so much Gautamji.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Dj Wazif said

Well its true that the emotions that Rafi saheb had filled in are hard for any other singer to copy and/or cover…. not only that but the music that is rendered is awesome…. your decision to cover it instrumentally is beautiful as I can see your skills in doing so…. it is an awesome work…. despite that it wasn’t an ideal song to cover with Banjo but you still did it amazingly…. so congrats Chandrakant ji…. loved your work…. just keep sharing like that.

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Harish said

i just want to copy/paste swati’s post. I could not put it better. The nuances and emotions are so difficult for the human voice to sing, i simply don’t know how you managed it with an instrument!
Din Dhal Jaaye


Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Hi Chandrakantji,
Wah! This is some amazing talent – playing an instrument like the banjo to a sad tune. I could hear all the inflexions and sustains – saving it to my Favs for treasure. :-)
“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. "
- Nelson Mandela


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Wazif Bhai, thank you so much for your warm appreciation.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Harish Bhai, Nice to read your blessings after a long time. You are my inspiration to be a muzibian. I hv mentioned this in my write up when I uploaded ‘Jawaniya ye mast mast’ Thanks for your appreciation and a kind request to listen to my other performances. Plz.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Chandrakant Page (on & off) said

Sudhaji, Welcome on my stage and thank you so much for your encouraging comments.
“I sing like I feel”. ….Chandrakant Page


Neil swanson.. Serious fall again .black out. neck surgery coming in 2 wks prayers requested thanks neil Pro user said

Mr Page… i agree with all comment.s finally
had time to get to another one of ur song.s
really enjoy ur vocals. ur truly gifted…and
u heart and soul is put into all of ur songs
and singing. god bless NEIL

My Newest originals


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

I am amazed at the perfection with which you have played this song…!!!! I fail to understand the comments about lack of pathos in the score …To me it sounded absolutely fine with the correct emotion imparted to the listener…I too play Banjo that too quite well… But I dont have an instrument now and am out of touch …

Great job…Keep it up…To my favs…

Listen to my songs NVK’s Music


Radhakrishnan Nair said

AWESOME …Chandrakant… simply superb!
Very difficult to catch all the emotions on banjo so this was exceptional!
To mt favs…


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