Aaj Ho Ya Kal..(ORIGINAL)

Lyrics & Chords

This is my first original song based on a real life experience. I wanted the song to be simple and bit modern. I have tried my best!! :)

Lyrics: Karthik Chandan
Composer: P.S.Shankar Ganesh
Programming + Mixing + Mastering : Vijay Krishna

Special thanks to Karthik for translating the set of words written in simple English to sophisticated Hindi Lyrics :)) It was fun to work with Shankar n Vijay :)

Recording done at Vijay’s Home studio


kehte hein zindagi mein ek din aata hai
barsoan ka socha sapna jub mil jaata hai
aisa woh pal jaane, aaj ho ya kal
lekin woh pass to yakeenan aata hai !

aise hi ek din aayi sapnoan wali raat
dil mein umeedein thi aashyein bhi thi saath
sab kuch tha mumkin, sab bas mein tha mere
bus chand lamhoan ki lamhoan ki thi baat

bikhar gaya, bikhar gaya, bikhar gaya, mera sapna
bikhar gaya, bikhar gaya, bikhar gaya, woh mera sapna

dekha nahi mujhse gaya
aanso sa gam behta gaya
awaaz yuin meri kyun dabi?
dil yeh sawaal bunta gaya

Par maine kiya yeh faisla
Todungi na main hosla

kehte hein zindagi mein ek din aata hai
barsoan ka socha sapna jub mil jaata hai
aisa woh pal jaane, aaj ho ya kal
lekin woh pass to zaroor aata hai



Rakesh Baro Pro user said

Great voice and great rendition……everything was perfect……way to Go anuradha

Would rate u 5/5



Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

That was too good singing. Great expressions and feel. Very good voice almost sounding like Priti Sagar. Composition also good.


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Anuradha Vasudeva said

Rakesh Baro: Thanks for the comment.

Krishnan : I just heard Priti sagar. I think she is a great singer. Thanks a lot for the comment.


Satyajit Sahu said

That’s very kewl. Good voice. Felt the “Sab kuchh tha” chorus line had to be highlighted with multiple voices or harmony.

First of all, fantastic job by PSG and VK. You should have them more here. We need more originals on Muziboo. Now for the critical comments….
- felt the drums were little too monotonous. My problem with sequenced tracks, it can never be like the real stuff.
- You can throw in a real instrument take a solo on the interludes, like a guitar or a flute or even a Sitar. Just adds a huge dynamics. Even Rahman relies a lot on electronics, but always has something extraordinarily organic instrument take the lead, like the flute in Bombay theme! That patch @1:22 is awesome – would have been more awesome, if it was extended bit more. And even better if it was a real guitar.
- Too much reliance on that delay-ish, echo-ish keyb patch.

But overall, a great composition! My comments are just nit-picking, so don’t mind. Bring on more such stuff!

Thanks for sharing.
- Satyajit

Life’s a lot like jazz…. its best when you improvise!


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Nice work team! I enjoyed this a lot. Very nice composition. Very well sung Anuradha. Hope to hear a lot more from you.

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Ramasethu Ranganathan said

Great Sound!!!God Bless!!


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Great vocals and great team work ….Anuradha you have a great voice texture ….its very soothing at the high and low registers ….great expressions too ….keep it up.

Full stars from me ….

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“Panthi hoon mai”http://www.muziboo.com/sreehu420/music/panthi-hoon-mai-us-path-ka-

Dekha na hai re socha na

my duet with smitha Jaane jaa




Anirban said

Hi Anuradha -

I loved this. Goes to my favs….5/5. Great team work!!. I felt a few diction issues at very very few places but that didn’t take away the charm of the song (hain, etc). Please continue the good work. Hope to hear more soon!!

Please listen to my recent uploads –
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Maa – Taare Zameen Par
Your feedback will be of great help.
~ Anirban


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Satyajit Sahu: Thanks for the suggestions. Bringing in live instruments demands some more collaboration and co ordination. I would definitely try to do take this point. Hopefully, I come across some more good musicians.

George, Ramasethu, Sowmya, Sreeharshan: Thanks for appreciating the team effort. We plan to have another song soon…. :)

Anirban: Thanks for pointing out the diction issue. I’m aware of this issue from day one…so working on it. I will be better soon! :)

Farhan: You know what, I think compliments make you fly and critiques bring you back to the roots and make you more stronger.:) As I have mentioned in my prev. comment I’m aware of this issue and definitely want to learn and improve upon it. Thanks for offering the help. Let us work together!


Deepak Nayak said

- Simple composition

- Simple arrangement

- Pronunciation of “hai” was like “hey”

- shaky notes at “barsoan ka socha sapna jub mil jaata hai”

- Dynamics could be better…
Eg: “lekin woh pass to yakeenan aata hai!” in this line if I am recording you, I would ask you to go with less energy on “lekin woh pass” medium energy at “to” and more energy on “yakeenan aata hai”… I’m not too sure if I’m able to explain it here… Here more energy = Khulke gaana… May be I’ll call you and explain…

- Stereo split sounded like it was EQed in a totally different way… I mean it sounded a little like so not you… Mixing takes a hit there…

- Lot of scope to improvise on the arrangement… Of course its left to the arranger’s descrition on how far they wanna go… In this case its been kept simple…

- I agree with the repeated drum pattern comment… In fact I would say its not necessary to have live drums to get that effect… It can be done on softwares too…

- Guitars could have been a little brighter and the synth with delay could have been taken a little to the background… If guitars were sharper and brighter it could have made the short lead sound even better…

All in all I would say a great track… Nice effort… I’m sure you would have learned a lot from this experience… Keep up the good work… Cheers… \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Deepak, thanks a ton for all the in depth comments. I completely agree with you. We will take care of all the points in our next project. I’m learning a lot ….thanks a lot to muziboo and all the people here :)


Deepak Nayak said

The pleasure is mine Anuradha… I’m glad my comments helped you!! Cheers… \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Hi Vineeth, thanks for the comments :)

I will surely take care of all these points while practicing……from TODAY! :)



Shashank Gokhale said

Hi Anuradha,

First of call Congrats on uploading such a nice Original work….
Nice work by your team also….they deserve the credit also….

I loved the feel in the song….and already people above suggested you the corrections….

What I would expect from you are more amore originals….

Shashank Gokhale
Check out my Original Compositions


Sudeip Ghosh said

very nice ! very nice !

~ Muziboo…get an audience…BECOME A STAR !!!


Srikanth Y s said

Hey Anu,

I liked the lyrics, music is amazing….I loved the way you sung and especially the feel in the song. I couldn’t belive it was your voice (it is a compliment)

Way to go Anu….

Looking for more songs :)


Murali Ramanathan said

Lovely song…cool singing and expressions…liked it…

Warm Regards,
Murali Ram


Anirudh Ks said

amazing voice and this song defnitley goes to my fav

would love to hear more from you of this kind :)

“Music is a universal Language”
and I am proud to be a part of it :)



Neha ........ said

Awesome composition and singing…!!!
5/5 fr sure :)


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Srividya, Anirudh and Neha: Thanks a lot for spending time to listen and comment on my song. Yes, I hope to churn out more of them :)


Ranjit Salian said

Another divine voice Anuradha,

Channage iddiri aa. Namge solpa Kannada matadlikke bartade, yella artha agtade. :)

Good to see someone from the Parashurama Shristi.
I am proud of you my homeland sister.

Through divine intervention I can tell you that you will touch many souls in your own divine voice.

Nanna Thangi, I assure you that – Kehte hein zindagi mein ek din aata hai barsoan ka socha sapna jub mil jaata hai…

Well said…Your rocking time in the music world will soon come – Mark my words as say them with Divine Intervention of God that your dream will soon be fulfilled.

I loved:

1. Your divine voice
2. Subtle variations
3. Unique rendition style
4. Power in the voice
5. Modulations
6. Depth in your voice
7. Your own identity in your voice.

You love Lord Krishna and this day he is very happy with you.

Infinity on 5 from me and I had already added it to my favorites earlier and now came on your block to comment as you deserve every bit of it and much more.

Take Care divine soul,
Keep the faith always,
Peace be with you,
God Bless You and all your beloved souls…


Rashmi Nair said

Very nice compositon. Good expressions. Few diction issues to take care of- especially; you’re almost there though :)
The more you’ll sing, the better you’ll get.

Please listen to Dekha Ek Khwaab
Jalten Hai- Unplugged version


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Hi Rashmi….you are right. I need to get them “straight” :) and …I completely agree with your last statment….Thanks for your time :)


Pramod Gk said

Nice lyrics and well sung… really enjyd it…



Max Vala said

very …. very good composition,and sung.


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Hi Max Vala….Thanks for listening and for providing comments.


Shruti Kognolkar said

Beautiful voice… soothing voice!


Anuraadha Vaasudeva said

Hi Adina thanks for listening….I have posted 2 more(My heart is beating and Asato ma). When time permits do listen to them :)


Hassu said

Such great vocals, soulful singing and powerful lyrics. Glad to come across and having heard….thanks for sharing!


Pappettan said

Well sung Anuradha…. u r very talented and gifted with charming voice. keep it up…


Anuradha Vasudeva said

Hi Hassu n Pappettan : Thanks for listening and posting your comments. I ascribe everything to God’s grace :) Thanks a lot….
Best Regards,

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FB: http://www.facebook.com/ANURADHA.VASUDEVA


Tarun Kumar said

I enjoed this song a lot!!!!
Sweet composition!!!!


Rakesh said

very nice….enjoyed


Sarada Pro user said

Wow, great work. Fabulous singing. Enjoyed it.

Sarada Bhagavatula

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