80s Ilayaraja Feel (Original Composition) - Feat. Rajesh Raman, Meera Manohar & Subramanian.K

Lyrics & Chords

I know, the title is very powerful and will create a lot of expectations (that actually makes me nervous)!!

Do you remember those scintillating 80s Ilayaraja songs with those number of violins playing with the lead vocals, brassy trumpets, lively female humming, smooth triple bongo (that “IMTAKUM” rhythm), etc etc……? Ilayaraja is a legend…… It is impossible for me to recreate his magic. But, I wanted to experiment with a song in this genre.

I finished this track almost 4 months ago. I first contacted Subbu with this idea. As usual this (straight from the heart!) honest, enthusiastic Muzibooian accepted immediately. After getting Subbu’s parts done, I contacted Rajesh…. to sing this! He was so so busy at that time with the vacation, Enam-Onam album release and of course with his Lovely-Lakshmi! He accepted to sing this in spite of his busy schedule (I should admit….I also pressurized him too much). Another interesting fact about this song is requesting Meera for the female backing vocals…. this is the first song I requested Meera to sing (“Yaaravan” happened after this….). You guys know she is a star singer on Muziboo….!! I was not sure whether I can ask her to sing a ‘backing’ vocals track for a male solo. I was totally stumped when she said an immediate “yes” without even listening to the track. I liked the confidence/interest she had on my work. So I ‘totally’ revisited the track and included a ‘lot’ of female vocal parts (initially I had it only for a very shot time in the second interlude). Now, this male solo actually looks like a duet!! I have been writing and directing skits/ spoofs from my school days. I just loved that! Of late, I did not get a chance to do anything like that. So quenched my thirst by including some dialogues in this song…. If you are interested you can check out my other creations here:


I want to dedicate this song to my dear Uma….
My best friend from 1999 —> :)
My (best :P) girlfriend from 2002 —> :P
My wifey from 2006 —> :(

It is so hilarious to compose romantic numbers after getting married. The dialogues/lyrics you hear in this song has made my wifey very very alert…… she is always keeping an eye on me these days!!! Just kidding!! :P

Song: 80s Ilayaraja feel
Singers: Rajesh Raman & Meera Manohar (Harmonies/ white angel effects!! :P)
Rhythm Guitars: Subramanian.K
Dialogues: Balamurali Balu
Music, Lyrics, Arrangement & Mixing: Balamurali Balu



Sushanth Shankar said


Summmmmaaa Adhiriduchu pa!! :-) First of all ammazzzing teamwork!! Lovely singing as always by Rajeshji and Meera!! Lovely stuff!

Loved the BGM throughout the song!! :)

And whats more!!! Dialogues were simply suppperbbb!!! :) Reallly enjoyed it! I felt as though I am listening to Ilayaraja Sir’s song with SPB Sir Singing, Chitraji in the female vocals and Simbu delivering the awesome dialogues!! Might feel like I am exaggerating, BUT I mean it!!!

Loved it thoroughly!! And awesome clarity I must say!

Supperb work guys!! 100/5 and flies to my favs!! :)

All the very best!!!

- Sushanth :)


Maruthi said

good one balu ……missed a guitar lead ….to get that full ilayaraja……summa thookuthu po balu. rajesh raman this is your bad singing so far I have heared. you are a fr better singer than S.N.Surendher ….but you made me feel this like a 80 s track recording instead a master recording……nice and originality is fantastic friends.
Semi finalist in UK International (songwritting/ composers contest) 2009 judjed by Simon Cowell and his panel.


Sriram Srinivasan said


Congratulations!! Your idea, conceptualization, tune, arrangements, orchestration, lyrics and final execution of the whole project is wonderful.

And your Team has supported you very well.

Good work!! Expecting more such efforts!!



Uthra said

I enjoyed this composition and presentation. I was smiling trying to picturize the song – Bharathi raja style white angels in slow motion etc. Keep giving more such original compositions.
Nice team work. Keep up the good work everyone.


Radhika Nair (away) said

Bala – IR or not, really enjoyed your work. Excellent singing by Rajesh and Meera. Though the idea of dialogues is quite innovative, it marred the flow of the song , at least for me , when it came in between the charanams. 5 for this great piece, all of you.

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Janani Subash said

Woooooow Awesome!!!
It was very pleasing to hear… Took all of us to 80’s…! Loved your dialogues… ;) Great effort!!
Congrats anna…. Superb dedication for anni….


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Bala,Excellent work! Very creative of you. Kudos to the singers-Rajesh and Meera for their superb singing.
Congrats and 5/5 to all of you!


Kumaran said

Mindblowing team effort guyz!!!! Enjoyed this to the core!!!


Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

WOW!!!! I didnt understand a word, but the entire product is brilliantly mesmerising… !! The dialogues part, make the entire thing very very catchy…. Awesome singing by the maestros… :) and too good a composition and arrangements, not to forget Subbu Sir’s Guitars…. Overall a Wonderful Teamwork… !

5/5 definitely…. :)


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Meena Raman said

Enjoyed it a lot.
wonderful team work
5/5 from me too
(dialogues inbetween,humming – too good to comment)

My latest upload:

bho Sambo

youtube link



Ramya Harish said

Very nice effort Bala! Nice composition, typical IR kind orchestration n feel! Lovely harmonies n singing by Meera. Great singing by Rajesh.Great work Subbu!
Bringing in dialogues were creative n fun, little more attention to diction would hv helped(avaL,kangaL etc).
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Rahul Soman said


Nice one man. Really enjoyed. You are really talented and passionate. :-). Rajesh and Meera rocked this one……

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

Please listen to my latest cover version:
Thenpaandi Cheemayile

Also,please listen to the original compositions for which I have penned lyrics
1. Akshararoopini Saraswathi

2. Ponaryanpaadam – Onam Song


Srini S said

Excellent team work bala,enjoyed throughout.keep up the good work.5/5 from me and goes to my favs.All the best for your future.


Anup said

excellent team work guys…Bala brilliant idea and execution….rajesh, meera and subbu awesome work ppl….enjoyed it…


Murali Ramanathan said

Superb work…Loved it all the way…Wish it was bit longer… :-)
Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

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Mookambike Devi- Devotional Song
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Bala (composer/producer) said

@Sushanth, Romba thanks for the comment! I am happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for adding it your favs.
@Maruthi, Thanks Maruthi! That’s right, I should have used a guitar lead.
@ Sriram, Thanks for your comment. I will work hard to keep up the expectation!
@Uthra, I am glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I wanted to have that in Bharathiraja style… happy that you got that feel!
@Radhika, Thanks for the comment. I had mixed feeling about the dialogues in between charanams. But finally, settled on this!
@ Janani, Thanks ma! Also, thanks for adding it to your favs!!
@ Sai, I am happy you liked this work. Thanks for the continuous support!
@ Rajeev, Thanks for the comment! Thanks for adding it to your favs!!
@Kumaran, Thanks!!
@ Bodhi, Interesting to know that you liked the dialogue delivery in spite of the language barrier. Thanks for the comment. I am happy that you enjoyed it!
@Meena, Awesome! Thanks!
@Ramya, Thanks!! I don’t remember seeing any diction issues….I will look into it!
@ Rahul, Thanks for your continuous support and honest feedbacks.
@Srinivasan, Thanks!! Thanks for adding it to your favs!!
@Anup, Danks pa!!
@Murali, Welcome to my space….! Thanks!!
@Ravinder, Welcome to my space…! Happy to know that you enjoyed it in spite of the language barrier!

- Bala

1) 80s Ilayaraja Feel – Feat. Rajesh Raman, Meera Manohar & Subramanian.K
2) Paarai Pattu – Feat. Tailgunner and Subramanian.K
3) Yaaravan – Feat. Meera Manohar
4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Venkat S said

Hi Bala, Rajesh, Meera & Subbu,

Brilliant team work. You have almost brought the great Illaraja’s ninaivugal alive. Good imagination, nice lyrix, Dialogues mixing enhances the song’s mood. Arrangements just perfect.

Rajesh has done wonderful job and did justice to the song by expressing the right mood and attitude.

Meera, you are wonderful and have brought Bharathi Raja’s angel effects.

Subbu, you are great. I am slowly understanding what you are capable of. Job well done.

I really like the swaram, singing and lyrix of following.

“Illayarajavin innisaiyil andha 80’s pattukal ninaivil "


“En kadhal oru nall avalai serum, kaneeril
kangaL irandum koodum”

I am sure IR himself would be proud of the above two places.

Balancing could have been better while mixing the dialogue portions.

Enjoyed fully. Full Marks to u all. Goes to my Fav…



Adithi said

To be honest with you, when I listened to it the first time, I didn’t like it very much. But the second and third times did make a huge difference, Bala!

Brilliant teamwork! Very interesting choice of Rajesh’s voice- loved it! Meera was awesome as usual. Subbu- Pinnitteenga!

Excellent concept that sums up (well, almost!) TFM in the times we grew in! :) Want to listen to hundreds of those songs now….

Thanks for the fabulous entertainment! :)


Radhakrishnan Nair said

Bala … great team work. This was an awesome package, nice lyrics, very good mixing and the voices of Rajesh and Meera. Full stars.
Keep it up bro!


Sudha Kumar (on a break) said

Hey Bala,
Very interesting piece of work – took me some time to digest it – but then loved it and got me also smiling! Awesome and impeccable team work, you, Rajesh, Meera (the angel) and Subbu. Hope the Devatai of your life was mighty pleased! :-)
You shd make a Youtube video of this…
Do listen to my latest uploads
Gagan Sadan Tejomaya


George Kuruvilla said

Team Bala :),
True example of teamwork here. Everyone executed their parts well. I loved it! Even though I did not follow all the dialogues, I still loved the concept. Great job team!
Do listen to my uploads


Rashmi Nair said

Rajesh, Meera, Subramanian & Bala….SUPERB!! As much as I loved the vocals, I enjoyed the dialogues :-)
Loved every bit of it! Goes to my favs straightaway!

Please listen to Please Mr.Postman-Carpenters


Harshan Nambiar - (busy till end of this week) Pro user said

Bala ……great concept ….liked it very much….do you write skits too :)

Great team work ……guys ……5/5 from me as well !
Check out

Aye dil hai Mushkil


Bala (composer/producer) said

@ Venkat, I am so humbled by your detailed comment. You made me very happy! Thanks for adding it to your favs!

@Adhiti, I think you are a true Ilayaraja fan. For Raja fans it is really hard to accept a Ilayaraja-like song from someone else at
the first shot. Believe me, I had the same feeling when I composed this!! I really appreciate your honest feedback. Thanks!

@Radhakrishnan, Thanks so much!

@Sudhakumar, Thanks for the comment! Yes my dhevathai is very pleased and also cautious (see my write-up)! ;)

@George, Thanks bro! I should have done those dialogues in English….!

@Rashmi, Thanks for adding it to your favs! I am happy you appreciated the dialogues as well!!

@Ajitha, Thanks for the comment and accepting my friend request. Between the tempo is not changing in this song. That is a very brilliant technique mastero used in the 80s. You will hear a “clap” sound during the last pallavi which will double up for the last four lines. The doubling up of the claps will make one to think thet the tempo has increased and will give that “ending” feel. But the fact is the tempo is still a constant there!! Some classic examples for this are 1)Ennodu Paattu paadungal, 2)Aracha Santhanam, 3) Paasamulla Paandiyaru, etc. A more detailed review on the “finishers” Ilayaraja has used is described in this article. This article is by Vicky, one of my band members (during my undergrad)….! Thanks for adding it to your favs!

@Nithya, Thanks for adding it to your favs!

@Harshan, Thanks!! I am glad that you liked it! Yes, I love writing and directing skits….!!
- Bala

1) 80s Ilayaraja Feel – Feat. Rajesh Raman, Meera Manohar & Subramanian.K
2) Paarai Pattu – Feat. Tailgunner and Subramanian.K
3) Yaaravan – Feat. Meera Manohar
4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Hey Bala,
Awesome dialogue delivery man; I am sure you will succeed as an actor :-D. I could not stop smiling. Excellent concept and a great way to relive the 80s raja love themes.

Awesome singing by Rajesh and Meera and very good work by Subbu

Totally enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.



Thankamony Balaji said

Hi Bala, Rajesh, Meera,
Team work is highly appreciated. It songs and sining was terrific, expecially the dialogues….

Thankamony & Balaji.


Priya B said

Adhaan unga perlaye rendu medhavigalin peyar irukkae!! Blessings illamayaa poyidum??
U are blessed by God!!
Pudhu ragam isaithadaale neeyun kadavule!!

Wonderful composition and concept!
Dialogues brought smiles…
Singing brought happiness…
Rhythm brought a thullal…
Humming brought a floating feel…
Totally gave some awesome peace!!

Cheers to Bala, Rajesh, Subbu and Meera


Pamala said

very unique…have no idea what was being said but it made me smile anyway….that’s the universal language of music! Love it


Harry Chops said

Sorry for being late here. Just followed one of my friends feedback.
This is an excellent piece of creation. Mesmerizing. Everthing is done to perfection. Rajesh and Meera are outstanding on the vocals. Brilliant team work. I am actually running short of words to praise this. One of the best certainly…. and I can say this though didn’t understand a word.
5/5 and added to my favs.

When time permits, please listen to my latest effort.
Ye Dooriyaan-Love Aaj Kal

As always, please provide your valuable feedback



Tara Balakrishnan said

awesome effort guys!! loved the tune and singing!! interlude initial piece cud havebeen better.

My latest posts…

“Ye tumhari meri baatein – Rock on! "

thumbi vaa

Mundhinam with George


Bala (composer/producer) said

@ Ajitha, Pleasure is mine!
@ priya, I am so humbled by your comments. Thanks for your wishes! I am happy to know that your enjoyed all the aspects of the song.
@ Pamala, Thanks for stopping by in spite of the language barrier. I agree with you, music is the universal language!
@ Harry, Welcome to my space buddy! Thanks for your encouraging words.
@ Tara, I am glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by!
- Bala

1) 80s Ilayaraja Feel – Feat. Rajesh Raman, Meera Manohar & Subramanian.K
2) Paarai Pattu – Feat. Tailgunner and Subramanian.K
3) Yaaravan – Feat. Meera Manohar
4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Subbu said

Friends :Thanks for all the appreciation,it feels really nice…….Yes Bala…….You did a fab job in the dialogue/delivery part……suspect you had Surya in your mind,when you delivered them :)I just loved the OK…OK….OK….OK…part and the underlying humor through out and especially the way hero changes his mind and religion from Temple to Church during the second interlude….instantly:)LOL……thanks……BTW,this could have been easily included in Vaaranam Ayiram for one of those kanavu scenes of the Simran -Old Surya Duo!

It was again fab,to work with Meera and Rajesh(to be honest,being part of the mailing list :))their attention to detail and the demand for perfection was mind blowing……felt so out of place with my amateur,ignorant views,but glad that I made a start.Thanks guys and the lady !
Straight From the heart, Always


Kumaran said

Bala and team: Listened and enjoyed this excellent piece of work by you all!!!! Keep it up!!!


Satish Murti said

Bala…you are truly one of the most original musicians i’ve ever known… this is such a great medley…what a convergence of talent! Kudos to Rajesh….Meera and the team…Keep the creative juices flowin….


Raj kumar Anjan Pro user said


Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memory*** I harp the same as I am an ardent fan of Ilayaraja. This space wouldn’t just be enough if one has to write about him. A nice team work which has to be lauded by every muzibian around. I have an impalpable wish that Ilayaraja should start composing again with his disciplined, flabbergasting orchestral work. A perfect one-man show and a living example in deed. And at times, I gnash my teeth on listening to some stupid and plagiarized works and my frustrations would immediately head Ilayaraja for not composing many numbers nowadays and thus not exercising his monoply. I have lost elocution for a while after listening to this number composed with run-of-the-mill instruments. A very bold attempt and have delivered with an astounding craftsmanship. Kudos to you guys…….

Now, let me share what I have experienced, rather relished…


Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it,
it won’t come out of your horn.* I am really happy that u are still living it. I mean in the days of Ilayaraja’s reign and also the adaptation of his angels’ ballads with white attire. Lol. You are an interesting character man. ;-) And I could feel how deep u love ur soulmate. Well appreciated. And about this particular composition, the tune was amazing. Am not sure of the lyricist.

Orchestration was minimal as It was programmed and sequenced using simple and very few instruments. But when u have used the tag ’Ilayaraja’s feel’, anyone would except his mastery in using violins/strings which is missing. I may be wrong too as I couldn’t differentiate the tones in a Key-board.
Lyrics could have been written with simple and easy words of few syllables as I could find the singer not able to stamp his style of singing with notes and improvisations. Usage of words in the songs also contribute for the success. Remember this – Raja’s music has completely shadowed the beauty of lyrics with the orchestration and mesmerising tune and which led to the spat and the split eventually with a renowned lyricist in the field. Just said this as lyrics and tune should go hand in hand to evolve the magic
Usage of Meera’s voice in the harmony was highly commendable. In fact, it brought the essence and purpose of this song. A creator is justified when he uses the right person for his creations and u have won as a creator.
And the charanam reminded me of another classic tune from someother composer. It may be co-incidental though. Initially the charanam takes off with a shade and treads on with another. Raja mostly used this technique. :-)
Can’t wait to listen to this song after professional mixing with all the required tones and instruments. Fantabulous work Bala. A graceful hug to u.


No one on earth can whistle a symphony; It takes a whole orchestra to play it**

Do I need additional words to substantiate ur work and role in this original composition? Its evident through-out this number.

~ I personally expected that lead guitar as u would come across in Raja’s number. U would have known that Raja himself is a versatile and flamboyant classical guitarist. Would have loved this more if the guitar works were prevalent through-out.

Rajesh & Meera!*

God respects u when u work with commitment but He loves u when u sing with a grace*** You, both are special and blessed to have got such nice, pious, mercurial & remarkable voices. I personally felt Rajesh could have sung the pallavis better with some better nuances and modulations. But I too know that it is not as easy as I say. Need to control the breath and sing synchronizing with the tempo and scale. A real tough job. But u were awesome with ur diction, Rajesh. And a right voice for the harmonies to emote the mood of the song. Meera could well be conferred a title, *’Harmony Queen’*

Bala and team!!!! A nice attempt and u did succeed. I wish you to come up with more such compositions touching all genres of music. My 5/5 for this classy work and I mark this as my favourite whole-heartedly.

Thanks & Regards,

Music is what our feelings sound like….


Bharathi Dinesh said

Very good attempt Bala and team!
Well done!
Keep them coming Bala, you are really talented!


Bala (composer/producer) said

Subbu, You are always so humble and down to earth in spite of your awesome talents. So your later half of the comment does not surprise me. As a composer, I exactly know what you are capable of…. You are a Super-Subbu!! You guitar parts in this song is like adding salt to food. Literally translating a tamil proverb – A food without salt goes to trash!

Kumaran, Thanks for your second round of comments!

Satish, Thanks a lot bro!!

Raj, Man you are really awesome. I really appreciate your time and efforts. You have really made an impact in this community with your effortless gamakkams and detailed commenting! I agree with your on the pointer man. Especially regarding the complicated words in the lyrics. It was not intentional, but happened that way! Thanks again for stopping by bro!

Bharathi, Thanks so much!!
- Bala

1) 80s Ilayaraja Feel – Feat. Rajesh Raman, Meera Manohar & Subramanian.K
2) Paarai Pattu – Feat. Tailgunner and Subramanian.K
3) Yaaravan – Feat. Meera Manohar
4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Ranjit Salian said

Hi divine soul Balamurali (Bala),


Wonderful composition, singing, backup vocals and good lyrics and dialogues.

I did not understand anything on the language part at the mind level but at the soul level I could get every little feel and soul you have tried to put into this composition and product for the soul.

DIVINE, IMMACULATE, REFRESHING & an IMMORTAL piece of work and dedication to ILLAYARAJA by all you divine souls:

Divine soul Balamurali (One of the most innovative & talented composer, lyricist and specialist in mastering and arrangement on Muziboo)
DIvine soul Subramanian (One of the Best Guitarist and unique composer on Muziboo
Divine soul Rajesh (One of the Best male singers in the classical & spiritual genre on Muziboo)
Divine soul Meera (One of the Best female singers in mostly all kinds of genre on Muziboo)

OUTPUT: HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS SET in terms of the MUSIC INDUSTRY setting a BENCHMARK for others to follow on Muziboo.

God Bless You all, this is INTEGRITY and this is how we walk a piece of HEAVEN right here on earth hand in hand, realizing the God in each other being part of a common goal in the musical consciousness of God.


THIS IS ONE OF the BEST COLLABORATIONS with so many people in the team and yet the CONFLUENCE was like the 4 everflowing rivers of talent merging into the infinite ocean of God’s goodness of the highest level, to touch the lives of many people to bring a cheer in their lives.

God Bless You….

PLEASE DO LISTEN to my following 4 LATEST RENDITIONS and leave behind your valuable feedback and rating and if you love it then do make it part of your favorites:


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4. ANNIE’s SONG (John Denver Cover) – Dedicated to my Beloved Soulmate – My Wife

5. * SPECIAL:::> REFLECTION OF GOD (by Ranjit Mixed by Neil Swanson…) – Dedicated to Jesus Christ


1. Reflection of God ( Original Composition with Anirudh) – dedicated to God, My Soulmate, My Son and NavDurga Maata- Navrathri Special
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3. In Christ Alone – Dedicated to Jesus Christ
4. Somewhere – Dedicated to Lord Krishna
5. When You Believe (in GOD) – Latest VERSION
Wonderful Tonight – by Eric Clapton
6. Unchained Melody – Air Supply – Graham Russel & Russel Hitchcock
7. Candle in the Wind – Elton John’s dedication to Princess Diana


1. Sabse Peeche Hum Khade (Acoustic Cover Version – Silk Route) with Sagar on the Guitar
2. MAA – Taare Zameen Par – Neha’s Mixed Version
3. Yaadein
4. Kahin Toh – Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
5. Jeena Yahan Marna Yahaan – Mera Naam Joker
6. Musafir Hoon Yaaron – Kishore Da
7. Aaj Purani Raahon Se – Mohammad Rafi
8. Tujhse Naaraaz Nahi Zindagi

Take Care divine soul,
Keep the faith always,
Live in surrender faith every moment in time,
Peace be with you,
God Bless You and your loved ones….



Suresh Bhagavatula said

Man, I can loop this song for ever. Great music and I really wish I put some effort to learn Tamil in Chennai.


Murali Venkatraman said


You seem to be among the very few who are stubbornly sticking to creating and posting original works only. Kudos to that. To most of the tamil musicians, IR is the maanaseega guru. In fact, some of them (don’t remember if it is Devi Sriprasad or Manisharma ) have statues of IR at their home. I wonder if even Rehman commands such a strong devotion in this era of his.

Your conception is nice and your choice of singers very much substantiated. Meera particularly is one of those few musicians who constantly digs up some oldies of IR and is well aware of the singing styles of that era. Your interludial dialogues were a fresh thought and definitely a welcome addition to the song. Rajesh has infused a vibrato akin to Yesudas’ in dhadhadha dhath tha “dha” of en iniya pon nilaave in many places like 0:24 which for fleeting moments reminded me of the golden era of IR.

Lyrics had some very fresh thoughts “vaaraNaththin varNathil koondhal” – azagaana kaRpanai. There are some areas you could work more to make this a bit tighter:

1. The pronunciation in the dialogues. There has been a lot of slips in the la and La. And even Rajesh, who is usually good in differentiating them well, was not very clear in dheepava”Li” in many places

2. IR’s work in any song is extremely water-tight (as my base guitarist friend Srinath Jagannathan would say there is nothing to second guess in IR’s songs) using a lot of strings all through the song. Your base arrangement is definitely reminiscent in that spirit. However in the strings there is no counter arrangement in the base section. For example remember sangeetha mEgam first interlude ? You can hear two distinct violin sections – one treble and another bass running counter. May be you can think of adding a counter arrangement.

3. Also some more chord punchings or counters or atleast base guitar in some of the places like at the beginning piano rolls progression at 1:55 would have enriched. Also la la la in that portion (between 2:16 – 2:19) Meera should have pitched in better.

But guess what ? I remember reading somewhere that you only have limited RAM and instruments. With the limited means, this does sound like a good tribute to the Raja of Music. And if you have managed to keep your wife happy with this, it is a double achievement. Keep it up.


Sushane Shankar said

hey…. wowowowwwwwww…… super work team….!!

Kadhal Mazhaiye – Jay Jay – Sushane Shankar

Pogadhe – Deepavali – Sushane Shankar

“M Back” tadadattaaan (Billa Music)



Bala (composer/producer) said

@ Ranjith, Man I am really pleased and motivated after seeing your comments. Thanks!!

@Suresh, Thanks!

@ Murali, Your comments are always so valuable to me. I think Devi Sri Prasad is the one who has Raja’s statue. Regarding your pointer “1”: I am not sure whether I can revisit. Its not because of the time constraints. But am afraid I cannot reproduce the other aspects like feel/energy etc.
Your pointers “2” & “3”: VERY TRUE. I will try to revisit this. Thanks for the encouraging words bro. Hopefully by early next year I should be able to update my gears.

@Sowmya, Thanks!

@Sushane, Thanks for your non-stop encouragement!

- Bala

1) 80s Ilayaraja Feel – Feat. Rajesh Raman, Meera Manohar & Subramanian.K
2) Paarai Pattu – Feat. Tailgunner and Subramanian.K
3) Yaaravan – Feat. Meera Manohar
4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Sukumar R ( far away ) said

im here again…:)…i guess last week i listened this song… wrote a long comment…suddenly sm disaster net disconnected or something i lost the whole text which i have typed…thn…thought lets write later…

i like ur composition throughout… generally i like people who do different things rather than repeating the same stuff…this s a excellent team work…but find out how far we are from the real professionals. I guess only litle…but it like maintaining a percentage from 98 to 100…

i dont get the 1st line… ‘vaaranathin varnathin koondhal’ right?

i liked the drama too…well done…

i dont wnt to add any pointers here…thts typical muziboo culture….lol…

comment arambathila aaha wah wah nu rendu line …apram… butnu arambichu…kuttu no 1 kuttu no 2…:)

you knw which s the best… where it went wrong and all…so i leave it to you…

all the best to produce more (on your own time& own money…)unfortunately private album
music has zero market through out india.all passionate amature singers and musicians making music on their own money and also listening on their own…:)atleast muziboo gave plotform to earn some comments….(kutto illa shotto…kidaikira varaikkum ok)

happy journey in muziboo…



Sunil phani Manne said

I dont understand tamil… but liked it…. nice one….


Balaji Seetharaman said

Beautifully done …… Excellent concept and the dedication to bring this out is evident from the quality of the piece. I am a die hard IR anyday. it feels really good to think i am among a lot of ppl who feel part of IRs genius.

Somewhere down the line i felt i have heard a really close tune like this one before …. think its very close to Santhipoma iruvarum santhipoma from Enakku 20 unakku 18 ……. Rhythm, base, Chorus, String harmony was close to ilayaraj’s 80s and was really really wonderful, as someody rightly mentioned a lead guitar was missing. A flute or a Violin piece would ve completed this concept.

I am no way trying to take any credit out of this team, Its just to say i ll be expecting a lot from this team again after this brilliant effort…. Quality all the wy and very very good work indeed. Expecting more.
Balaji S


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Wow….SUPERB….I am glad I did not miss this……I had to read the intro portion twice to confirm if this is the original songs uploaded or your creation with other singers.

Rajesh and Meera….Ntohing other than BRILLIANT

Bala….Great concept and were sounding too professional on those dialogues….

Thanks for such a lovely piece of music.

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
Check out My Latest Innale Ente Nenjile, Mandara Cheppundo, Ghar Se Nikalte Hi, Ramzaanile Chandrikayo, Leharon Ki Tarah and Soorya Kireedom


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

OOooops….Forgot to mention about Subbu….Congrats to you too for contributing to the great performance…

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
Check out My Latest Innale Ente Nenjile, Mandara Cheppundo, Ghar Se Nikalte Hi, Ramzaanile Chandrikayo, Leharon Ki Tarah and Soorya Kireedom


Senthamizh * said

Great job… welldone :-)


Ahalya * in love with music * said

a very nice concept and team work….
I liked ur creativity in this song and all the ppl in ur team did great job……I wish you all the best to create more songs in ur own compostion. Elathayum vida ur thamil pronounciation was too good….the diction was very clear. Overall a neat performance…well done!

“இசைக்கு ஏது எல்லை”


Bala (composer/producer) said

@ Sukumar, Thanks for the comments ba! I am glad you liked it. Yes, music albums have no market in India. But, at least I learn something from this….
@Sunil, NV Mani, Balaji, NVK, Senthamizh,Thanks for stopping by!!
@Jittukhannah, Ahaaa…. avanaa nee! Welcome to my space…. naanae inga EE thaan ba oottitu irukkaen. Seat podura alavukku houseful illa. Porumaiya vandhu kalla podunga! :)
@Ahalya, Welcome to my space. Thanks for the comment!
- Bala

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2) Paarai Pattu – Feat. Tailgunner and Subramanian.K
3) Yaaravan – Feat. Meera Manohar
4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Ganesh D said

Bala kalarakappa


Vignan Sampara said

HAHAHAHA………I liked the concept of “Manasakshi” and “Your wife keeping on you”

Excellent work man. Too good. Superb. Fantastic, add all the other positive adjectives possible. I dont have time to type anymore because I have to sleep or else, I will start snoring on calls in office….!!!

HAHAHAHA……too good !!!! And BTW, I didn’t understand a word in the dialogues !!!!
Listen to my tracks;

Kakakuyile chollu 2
Tum Mile


Naren said

Very creative oors!
And Very Original.


Rohin said

Have no words, great effort for bringing this thoughtful lyrics, sensible singing, brilliant music. Loved the whole concept. Extremely well done and good team effort. Goes to my favorites.
Music is an expression of Love – Rohin


Dr. priya Rajan said

Hmmmm…. Adhudhan Holi ya? 1000 butterflies:) he he What gr8 imagination:)
Always love Rajesh’s singing a lot.
Beautiful composition……. loved the music……
Never knew u guys are this talented……
Balu yr dialogues made me laugh a lot.
U gotta good voice dear.

Meera …… ‘la la la la la la’ cute singing dear….TODAY HUNTING ON ALL TAMIL SONGS……
Andha bhrahma devan ungalai idhuku thann padithara……. la la la la
Very well well done……….
Hats Off…. My dear trios……
All my love/5 and goes to my fv’.
Thanks for sharing.
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Usha R said

Enna sollaradhu teriyalai. Composition and dialogue delivery perfect. Oru periya love theme. Ungal music and singing too is very nice.
Our family is all appreciations for the whole team. Rombha rombha nalla paadi irukengo.
We all liked it. thank you.


Ajay m nair said

sammmaaaaa duuuuuuuul maaaa……. suuuuper duuuuuuper…. lovely keep it up


Max Vala said


Very good teamwork…….I like it!

max vala

Sasirekha M (trying to catch up ) said

Super ! Nostalgic seriously m reminded of college days :D


Suresh Bhagavatula said

I couldn’t be on Muziboo without listening to this again. Great effort.


Hari prashanth R said

Chance illa bamu. Dum takum.


Devan S said

Suuuuuuuperb. the right 80’s feel.
That was a great team work. Superb.
Sangeetha Saagaram
“**** Music leads my life……****”


Hari Bhaskar said

Bala, this was very impressive composition. Truly enjoyed it, mainly the touch of Illayaraja’s style. The unforgettable 80’s….what a wonderful era. Thank you for sharing your music with us. Best regards, Hari Bhaskar



Chellappan Annamalai said

hey coolllll bala its really good…


Chander Raju said

Hey Bala, awesome work ! Added to my favorites. Will post on facebook for my friends to enjoy too

Awesome work !


Summit Gupta said

good one bala……you can try getting a revenue by selling this song through trooger.
www.trooger.com(launch pad for artists in media)


Srinath S said

Wow Bala… You definitely have an Ilayaraja Sir in you… Great composing, great singing… The guitar was good too… And this song is complete with the Queen of Voices(Meera’s voice)… A nice feel… Also nice lyrics… It is, indeed a tribute to Raja Sir… I wish he listens to this song, sometime… :)


Bhupalan said

superb…. I seriously enjoyed the love emotions in your song…. :)

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