6 Ft 7 Ft Remix

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excuse my
i’m blue with designation
my rhymes is so tight like i’ve used all ventilation
in lue of resignation
i give them education
j is for joint
caus thats the destination
whats the world without time?
asking keeps u waitin
as long as u dont serve it like a waiter and be patient
you’ll find its what you make it
you called me your brother but i know we’re not related
to one or another
i’m a son of a gun um
i was born fly
jus a shot in the sky
like a startin gun
im so glad that when i
hit the f’in block i survived
an when the beat dropped
they could not revive
when i arrive the status reach critical
cereal killer but (dont even take it) literal
i tear the beat up
like some shredded wheat
um i have it out for chex
lucky charms is what i keep

i’m krispy like a nugget
im so down like i was deep
or rather yet deep fried
drippin in the slickest mind

6 ft 7 ft 8 ft high
i reach all expectations
each and every time
quicker than the average
you can say im spry yea its
similar to rabbits
with this short tale of mine

once talked to an angel
she was snow white
and she showed bright right in the middle of the night
she went on nd on like a strobe light
(how she hada blink)
but yet i caught her eye
keep dreamin yea i’ll
catch a wink

sooner or later
worse or for greater
human calculator i’m the equater
solve bout anythin
but word problems
i can write my ese
or i can prolly call them
talk is never cheap its free
like falling
i aint never fall off but i am revolvin
see me off this orbit
like i was a satelite
i make my own way close to the altar like an acolyte
i dont deal wid dim shit cut the
greater than britian nothin above me
like a sandal right?

thoughts is bananas
bodies a peelin
hoppin i dont slip
the grounds a long way from the ceilin
i know that i’m conceited
yet i earned my right
jus put it up
like how i turn the light
i’ve had a good night
but it doesnt mean its over
when will it end? nobody really jus knows fer sure
am i so sojourned
that i shouldnt be concerned?
or should i worry bout bein spurned
caus this bridge hasnt burned

i’m the torch bearer
begin the olympics
almost caught my heart
even tho its sprinting
runnin gainst my brain
im really seein who is winning
read between the lines
yea im far from the finish
always full of stories
u can call this the begginin
put it all on paper
and send it off to printin
i should get a publisher
deservesin of a publishin
i know i am imaginative
but this is not a fiction

im feeling so strong like a weight lifter bench press
my thoughts hold weight like a bar on a bench set
strong like black coffee from a french press
under this pressure like its espresso
you can name the place and ill say lets go
but im lookin for a sunny atmosphere with less snow
pizzas always nice but first we need dough
thats a fundamental

always new weeks
startin it wid monday
freedom of speech that
regardless of what some say
only keep it on church if it is a sunday
but otherwise im driven like a hyundai up a one way
the only way is forward
the path is never altered
i gotta keep it movin
like im runnin cross the border
never am i cornered
every track is slaugthered
im sick the way i put these words together like a crossword



Jafar said

damn. Whoever got on this song killed it.

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