Let The Haters In - Skit #2

Let the Haters IN Skit #2 download the mixtape @

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Let The Haters In - Skit #1

Skit From Let the haters in Download the mixtape @

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Let The Haters In - Skit #3

Skit #1 From The Mixtape Let the haters in, DownLoad The Mixtape http...

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First Love - Alicia ft. K dot P & D. Wood

You gon feel this

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Bull City Maniac

Remake Of Lil wayne's New Orleans Maniac

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Kevin Lamar Patterson (KdotP)
March 22, 1991 –

Rapper, Producer, and Singer. Kevin Lamar Patterson was born in Durham, North Carolina, on March 22 1991. With His parents divorced at a young age, He was raised in the in south side of Durham by his mother, Tracey Hamlet, who worked many manager jobs. At the age of six they Packed up and moved to the other side of Durham to live with his grandmother, in attempt to give Kevin a better environment to be raised in.
This was around the same time when first fallen in love with Hip Hop music. For his 6th birthday he received The Fugees The Score and Mase’s Harlem World. This started his fixation with collecting Hip-Hop albums. The Fugees being one of his many influences which influenced him to get into music throughout school. Kevin attended Lakewood Elementary where he did African music and performed in his first Talent show. Kevin attended Githens middle school where he first started playing the violin. Attend Riverside high school where he continued his music interest where he enrolled in chorus for four years where he got a good grasp of music composition. Around this time when he first started rapping at the age of 14, writing different verses daily and wasn’t until the age 16 when his mother purchased him his first microphone he started recording.
K dot P graduated in 2009 and attended North Carolina A&T where he majored in Mass communications and started his production on his first mix tape entitled Let The Haters In. Currently in his sophomore year, K dot P is currently working on a joint mix tape entitled Road to Riches and working on his 2nd solo mix tape.


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