Enthe Kannanu (tribute to Johson maash)

My humble tribute to music director Johnson who passed away yesterday. With J...

about 3 years ago | 20 comments | 1454 plays

Mazha Njaan Arinjirunnilla (cover)

It has been more than two months since I have sung anything and finally sat u...

about 3 years ago | 36 comments | 1288 plays

Baliyaay Thirumunpil (cover)

Happy Easter in advance everyone. :-) Song: Baliyaay thirumunpil Devotion...

over 3 years ago | 23 comments | 788 plays

Pavizham Pol (cover)

My colleague and friend Sitara had asked me to do a cover of this song long b...

over 3 years ago | 48 comments | 1166 plays

Nilaa Nilaa Mizhiye (cover)

A long time, I know. :-) With a the little one around I rarely get time to si...

over 3 years ago | 26 comments | 884 plays

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Mallu. Love to sing and listen to music. Blogger. Podcaster.


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