That girl(Freestyle)-Hawke feat. K.O

Long story short,the year was 2008,the season was spring,and harlem was the p...

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Queens Girls Freestyle(unedited)-Hawke!

so..i stumble across some old cd's and guess what i come across?..thats right...

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Pull it freestyle(unedited)-Hawke

So i found my mic in the hamper and i just started freestylin ..hope! ..nah i...

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Well for starters the names “hawke” …In retrospect im just a guy who does a little bit of everything…I rap,sing,act etc… basically i do pretty much everything that involves creavity. I mean i do this for fun,its just a hobby of mine that i happen to be somewhat good at so i figured why not just share it with the world.So periodically im gonna drop some unedited/in-studio music fot the masses just until my official mixtape drops.i just hope to satisfy that menstral itch in yours ears evertime you hear me drop a line so on that note im gone.hollatmetho-Hawke


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Some bottles and a booth.

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