This is just a trance song I made with a hardstyle beat/feel to it... Hope yo...

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It's A Trap Trance Remix by 8BitRogue

This is the first trance song I've ever written (actually, it's the first ele...

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Run Away With Me

The first song off of my my band (The Hitchhikers)'s first album "...Stick Yo...

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The Shores Of Hell


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Blues Improv

I was recording some other stuff and just decided to record this, it's defini...

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I love metal! \m/


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Musical Instruments

-Indiana Ovation Electric Acoustic Guitar
-Johnson Les Paul Style Electric Guitar
-BC Rich Warbeast Model 1 Electric Guitar

-Richenbacher Amp (I don’t know anything elso about it lol)
-Line 6 Spider IV 150 Watt Amp
-HoneyTone Portable (Pocket) Amp

And a baby grand piano along with a lot of other musical instruments. =D

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