Thats Life

This is a 10 minute instrumental I composed on my Korg M50 keyboard. The best...

almost 2 years ago | 1 comment | 8 plays

Behind the Smile

A more bluesy type of song with a story, which is a bit of a change for me. T...

about 2 years ago | 1 comment | 11 plays

I Forgot to Say

A keyboard based song which started as a country guitar song. All that remain...

about 2 years ago | 1 comment | 6 plays

The Hours Used to Fly

At last chance to use the keyboards again for a song. This was using a Korg M...

about 2 years ago | 2 comments | 3 plays

I KNew I Didn't

Great to be back home and able to use all my music gear after being away for ...

about 2 years ago | 1 comment | 3 plays

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Korg M50
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