Black and Gold - Sam Sparro

Final version

about 5 years ago | 1 comment | 60 plays

America - Razorlight

Final version - let me know what you think. I need some suggestions for equal...

about 5 years ago | 1 comment | 25 plays

The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve

Final version - i may have to re-record the vocal, i can hear some feedback f...

about 5 years ago | 3 comments | 23 plays

Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross

Final version - i thought i'd give this a go, i sing it quite well.. a bit of...

about 5 years ago | 2 comments | 53 plays

Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers

Final version

about 5 years ago | 3 comments | 48 plays

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About Gary


Kent, UK.


I’m 27, i’m a self-taught guitarist and vocalist. I like to think i am a better vocalist than guitarist. I record and produce all my own music. At the moment i am producing vocal tracks for a new album which is a an album of cover vocals.

I cover anything from Michael Buble to Razorlight.


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Musical Instruments

Effects unit: Zoom PS02
Mic: Peavey (dynamic)
Guitar: Yamaha Pacifica
Mixing software: Audacity
Recording: Advent PC

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