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Online Singing Lessons by Pratibha

Dear Muzibians I have started conducting online singing lessons on sky...

Pratibha posted 2 months ago | 2 Replies


Muzaffar Bhai's pet dog passed away today at 8a.m.

Dear Muzaffar bhai, We are so sorry to know the loss. We know how much *Swee...

Harish Bhasin Pro user posted 3 months ago | 13 Replies


Dear Mr. Sandip Dutta/Sangeet-Ki-Shore

Could you please explain why you are operating two different accounts on Muzi...

Vishal (away for a while) posted 3 months ago | 15 Replies


Who is the Debjyoti name?

Do we face another of those previous epysods? Some of my friends would tel...

Adina Galani Pro user posted 4 months ago | 11 Replies


Client Solution Innovations

The finest web design company. Excellent sites currently reasonably priced di...

Hight Tempr posted 4 months ago | 2 Replies


Uploading a song without sending notifications

Is there a way anyone knows to upload a song without sending notifications to...

Rajiv Saddy Pro user posted 8 months ago | 8 Replies


Changing the pitch of a karoke

At times the original record of songs would be at a higher pitch or may be lo...

Tulasi Ramachandran posted about 1 year ago | 4 Replies


Look For Cheap Reseller Hosting Plans With Unlimited Domain Hosting

Making money online is one of the almost all enticing yet challenging prospec...

Aadita posted about 1 year ago | 2 Replies


Our Dear NVK .....

My Dear All, With lot of pain & mental agony, please let my humble self info...

Thinkal govind kumar Pro user posted over 1 year ago | 60 Replies


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nfnfgn gfngfn mg

Alenkoo posted over 1 year ago | 4 Replies