Sai Ka Dip !

Dear Music Friends I like to share my recent vocal cover of, Sai Ka Dip Divo...

11 months ago | 0 comments | 5 plays

Waqt Ka Ye Parinda

Dear Friends I like to share my humble trial of this Nazam Originally sung by...

about 1 year ago | 4 comments | 30 plays

Ye to Sach Hai ki Bhagvaan Hai 2

दोस्तों, कुछ गीत दिलको छू जाते है ऐसे विचार भाव संगीत होता ही की हम जुड जाते ...

about 1 year ago | 2 comments | 12 plays

Kabhi Pyase ko

Dear Friends sharing my vbocal cover with my favorite devotional song Kabhi ...

over 1 year ago | 1 comment | 21 plays

Gaje Mehulio (Gujarati Song)

મિત્રો આપની સમક્ષ ગુજરાતના 52 મા સ્થાપના દિને સહર્ષ રજુ કરીએ છીએ ‘મહેકતું ...

over 1 year ago | 1 comment | 21 plays

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Hi I am an Artist by proffesion also Do Photography and My Hobby is Singing Writing Poem and Enjoy Meditation !


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I have set up Recording Studio at home.

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