Ore NaaL (ILamai Oonjalaadugiradhu) with Poornima Raghavan

*Song:* Ore NaaL Unai Naan *Movie:* ILamai Oonjalaadugiradhu (1978) *Music:...

about 8 hours ago | 5 comments | 10 plays

Mayakkam Enna (Vasantha MaaLigai) with Poornima Raghavan

*Song:* Mayakkam Enna *Movie:* Vasantha MaaLigai (1972) *Music:* K.V.Mahade...

3 days ago | 0 comments | 11 plays

Sorgame Endraalum (Ooru Vittu Ooru Vandhu) with HamsaPriya

*Song:* Sorgame Endraalum *Movie:* Ooru Vittu Ooru Vandhu (1990) *Music:* I...

6 days ago | 26 comments | 48 plays

Sau Saal Pehle (Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai) with Latha Suresh

*Song:* Sau Saal Pehle *Movie:* Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai (1961) *Music:* S...

14 days ago | 35 comments | 50 plays

Paada Vandhadho Gaanam (ILamai KaalangaL) with Poornima R...

*Song:* Paada Vandhadho Gaanam *Movie:* ILamai KaalangaL (1983) *Music:* Is...

17 days ago | 0 comments | 14 plays

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About Chandrasekar


Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, Timezone GMT+5:30.


Basically from Chennai, deeply passionate about music.


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Musical Instruments

SHURE SM58 Dynamic Microphone
Audacity 2.0 (for recording)
Sony Sound Forge PRO 10.0 (for editing and vocal effects)
Sony Acid PRO 7.0 (for mixing)
Izotope Vocal Eraser Plugin (for Vocal cuts)
Izotope Audio Enhancer Plugin (using Izotope Nectar these days instead of this)
Izotope Nectar 1.2 (for Vocal effects)
Izotope Ozone 4 (for mastering)
Waves Vocals bundle (for vocal effects)