Any Kannada Karaokes?


Hemant Badya posted

Wanted to start this discussion on Kannada Karaokes. I have searched high and low, far and wide on the internet and there does not seem to be any Kannada Karaokes available. I am especially interested in Karaokes of Dr. Rajkumar. If someone knows anything about Kannada Karoakes, please provide some information

Posted on October 27, 2007



Vinay K said

oh sure dude….

i have some kannada karaoke songs !

give me ur email id i will send u……


Ganesh D said

There is a Audio company called “Kuhoo Kuhoo” they produce quite a good amount of karaoke. You can get it in any good music shop. I found lots of them in Bnagalore, Fourum Mall’s Landmark shop.

I brought one, on its cover they say for further details contact “080-26677686 or mob-9448436388”


Manoj Deshpande said

Hey Vinay, My email ID is Can you please send the karaoke tracks to me? Thanks a lot in advance….


Roshini said

for starters here is one site you may find useful. get the original song, lyrics and karaoke track here:

also check, they have loads of kannada and other language karaoke tracks.

Best Regards,


Asha Ganapathy said

Hi Vinay,

Can you please send me some kannada karaokes to

Thanks a lot,


Indian karaoke songs 4u said

Mail at they make multilanguage karaokes in professional quality… or check out


Naren said

Hey pls mail me karaoke songs.
Kannada, telugu & tamil, hindi songs.
Pls ,ail me to

Regards Naren

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