Dhaivam kanival thannathalle (Cover-Malayalam Devotional ...

Dear friends, This is a malaylam Devotional Song...really meaningful song....

about 1 month ago | 12 comments | 75 plays

Iktara(Wake up Sid - Cover)

Dear All, This time I have attempted a Hindi Song. When My colleague,Mahes...

4 months ago | 16 comments | 128 plays

Vijana Surabhi (Cover)

Dear friends, It has been quite long since I logged in to muziboo. Pardon ...

6 months ago | 18 comments | 159 plays

Mazha kondu maathram (Cover)

Dear Friends, "Mazha kondu maathram" is a poetic melody from the Malayalam...

10 months ago | 24 comments | 281 plays

Kudajadriyil Kudikollum(Cover)

Dear Friends, Kudajadriyil kodikollum is one of the most popular devotiona...

12 months ago | 20 comments | 164 plays

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About Anju




Dear friends,

I am Anju, a pure keralite by heart and soul, settled in Bangalore with my husband and son. I am a software engineer by profession……but music is my passion. I have learned basics of Carnatic music. During my schooldays I used to be active in cultural events. Later, studies, work and other family responsibilities kept me away from music.

By the time I realized that my true interest was in music…. it became too late. It was recently that I came across this muziboo community and came to know about the possibility of karaoke singing at home……I was thrilled.

Here are my humble attempts, Please put your sincere feedback and help me improve.

Thank You,


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