En Kaadhale (Unplugged)


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Theertha Karaiyinile (Unplugged)

Every year ( for the past 5 years), I have made it a practice to sing and pos...

4 months ago | 25 comments | 203 plays

Yamunai Aatrilae (Unplugged)

My birthday dedication to Maestro Ilayaraaja and Manirathnam! Perhaps one...

11 months ago | 31 comments | 255 plays

Siru Koottula uLLa Kuyilukku

Back to good old 80s - that is where I live these days! :) This song by KS...

11 months ago | 32 comments | 161 plays

Vaanmadhiye Oh Vaanmadhiye

Ok…it seems like I’m really serious about coming back to Muziboo! I can't bel...

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