Soi soi Kumki cover (this is it)

*info*: movie:*Kumki (2013)* composer : D.Imman *Writer and singer :Maghiz...

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kannum kannum nokia tamil cover with CR brother

movie:Anniyan Composer:Harris Jeyaraj Singers :Leslie lewis , andrea , vasu...

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Intha siripinai engu tamil cover duet with CR brother

*Info:* Song: Intha siripinai.. movie:Naam iruvar namakkiruvar Singers: H...

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oliyile therivathu Azhagi tamil cover duet with Shankar ...

*Info:* Song: OLiyile Therivadhu Dhevadhaiya... Movie: Azhagi Starcast:...

almost 2 years ago | 32 comments | 54 plays

Hanuman Chalisa devotional

Religion is just like art in my one appreciates it ,is entirely p...

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m interested in singing… tried to get myself trained in carnatic music… it turns out that its totally out of scope… after touching a classical musical instrument … came back on track to light music singing first and then a pause…. lost confidence … stopped with listening.Happy ending eh? unfortunately no … a few of my buddies here have done some fascinating job. m strirred … and……
Here I am …. this is me…theres nowhere else on net I hd rather be… :D looks like I need to date my promise! missing for about 3 yrs …so m using this space to log my homework :)
9 songs f/b on 10 sep ’14


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Musical Instruments

vocal only … m all ears to learn musical notations … if anyone’s generous :)
veena just the ABC s geetham