need help to start a pro account


Poornima Pro user posted

hey i joined muziboo just a few months back. i am interested to upgrade to pro account. I want to first try on monthly subscription basis. Do i have to pay only the monthly amt? Please guide on how to go about it.

Posted on March 07, 2012



Chandrasekar Ramaswamy Pro user said

Hi Poornima,

I think you can, but monthly payment is probably expensive and the payment processing is automatic – monthly renewal is automatic. But annual payment is one time and it is not automatically renewed.

I think for the best guidance, you should probably reply to your first scribble (probably from Nithya, one of the staffs) and ask for details.

- My comment is an opinion. Opinions are like wrist watches and I have one. I am not sure the time in my wrist watch is the right one.


Poornima Pro user said

thanks chandrasekar brother. I will check nithya as advised.


Nithya Muziboo staff said

Hi Poornima,

What Chandrasekar says is right. If you need more details on this you can send a mail to


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