I've brought you this time an older online recording of mine that is worth li...

over 1 year ago | 4 comments | 19 plays

Come you fiddle-faddle(Gyere te nímand)

Just wanted to have some fun.. And I had! A lovely opereta aria from"The ...

over 1 year ago | 6 comments | 30 plays

The Last Rose of Summer

This song was requested several times by Adina. Today I gave up with the sea...

over 1 year ago | 12 comments | 57 plays

Jaj,cica,eszem azt a csöpp kis szád!(The queen of Tchardas)

This is my 100th recording on Muziboo-dedicated to all my friends who encoura...

over 1 year ago | 9 comments | 47 plays

Hum The Jinke Sahare(cover)

My dear friends,after a long,long time here is a song that made me sing again...

over 1 year ago | 11 comments | 84 plays

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Szeged-Hungary; Tenbury Wells-UK.


I am just an european loving indian music!


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Musical Instruments

Acer laptop,Adobe Audition,Shure48 microphone,Behringer interface