Ankahee - Lootera

A melodious song from a recent movie Lootera. Music composer Amit Trivedi is...

10 months ago | 28 comments | 63 plays

Zinda (Lootera) - Zubin's cover

Some 3 to 4 years back, I had introduced Zubin as a kid on this forum and had...

12 months ago | 36 comments | 90 plays

Tujhse naraaz nahin

This incidentally is my third oldie in a row..... cover of an immortal song s...

about 1 year ago | 28 comments | 51 plays

Main Shaaiyar to Nahin

This cover is for my friends who wanted me to cover an oldie. So here's a so...

about 1 year ago | 33 comments | 55 plays

Phoolon ka taaron ka

This one goes for my sweetest sister Manju.... Sorry I could not be there on ...

about 1 year ago | 20 comments | 37 plays

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About Harry


New Delhi, India.


I am a Finance Professional. After work, most of my time is spent on music. While mostly I am listening to music, at times I feel like singing too.
I like all kinds of music depending on my mood but generally, soft rock is my favourite genre. I have developed some good interest in Sufi music as well off late.
I am not going to pen down my favourite artists as the list is endless and keeps changing frequently. Presently, I love Mohit Chauhan’s voice.
I have never taken any music training however, have started doing alankar/ aakaar/ kharaj practice, which I owe it to this beautiful forum called “Muziboo”. My wife Anu is again a keen singer like me and my son Zubin has taken vocal training for almost an year. My grandpa used to be a very good sufi singer during pre-partition days in Lahore. Besides this, I do not see any other person in my family who is attached with any kind of music.


“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Berthold Auerbach


Joined on December 05, 2008 and posted 4122 comments, 239 replies and started 3 discussions

Musical Instruments

Motu UltraLite Mk III Hybrid Interface
Apogee One USB Interface with built-in Condenser mic
Digidesign Mbox Mini inetrface,
Roland Juno-G Keyboard (only my son uses it)
Fernandes Electric Guitar,
Aria Acoustic Guitar
CAD GXL 2400 Condenser Mic,
Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic
Adam A5 with Sub7 Monitors (never heard better sound before)
Alesis 520 Monitors,
Senheiser HD280 Monitoring Headphones
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Pro Tool LE 8 (never used though)
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