Krishna Nee Begane (Colonial Cousins) - Cover

Krishna Nee is dear to many of us for the amount of love and affection packag...

over 1 year ago | 25 comments | 128 plays

Nenjukulle (Kadal)

Belated new year wishes to all! I have been away for too long.. and I really ...

over 1 year ago | 38 comments | 239 plays

Appangal Embadum (Usthad Hotel)

My first attempt at a full-fledged enthu number!! :) This mallu song has rec...

almost 2 years ago | 29 comments | 304 plays

Enakena Erkanave (Parthen Rasithen) With Prahalad

I was first reminded of this very beautiful song when "Raj":http://www.muzibo...

almost 2 years ago | 29 comments | 282 plays

Piyu Bole with Shyam

It is always fun squeezing out little time from your most busy times to recor...

almost 2 years ago | 13 comments | 111 plays

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About Ambily


Atlanta, Georgia.


I worked for three years as a Bioinformatics software engineer. Married. Currently joined Georgia Tech, Atlanta to pursue an MS program.

I am trained in Carnatic Music. I was pretty active on the music scene during school and college days. Now, things have pretty much toned down.

I play percussion instruments and also try my hand at the keyboard. I also enjoy composing songs.

I really hope to kickstart my music once again with my fellow musicians at Muziboo.


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