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Upload Music and Organize it into albums

Upload MP3 & Organize it in Albums. Upload upto 3 songs free every month. Upgrade to a Pro Account to get unlimited uploads!

Discuss & Learn

A community to discuss your music

Muziboo is home to over 500,000 musicians and music lovers. Discuss your creations with them. Critique their music!

Share on Facebook & Twitter

Share your music on Facebook & Twitter

Take your music where your fans hang out. Once you link your accounts, you can post automatically to Twitter and Facebook

Got Questions?

What is Muziboo?

Muziboo is a platform to upload music that you have created and share with your friends on the site and other social networks.

Can I share music on Facebook from Muziboo?

Yes. All you have to do is connect your Facebook account and click on the Facebook icon below the song player to post.

Can I upload songs to Twitter from Muziboo?

Sure! You can connect your Twitter account and post to Twitter right from the song page.

Do I have to pay to use Muziboo?

Muziboo is absolutely free for uploading upto 3 songs a month. For unlimited uploads and more goodness, you can upgrade to our premium plan (

Can I download tracks? Can other mine?

You can enable downloads for your music. Similarly if other musicians have enabled it, you can download their songs too.

How do I play music on Muziboo?

You can play music by installing a flash player. Most computers already have a flash player installed so you might have to do nothing extra to play music. Just use our web player.

How do I find content in Muziboo?

You can use the search feature to look for content in Muziboo.

Can I upload songs and listen to music on mobile?

Unfortunately Muziboo offers limited functionality on Mobile phones. We are working on improving this.

Do I get an artist profile?

Every Muziboo member gets their own profile page. It's free of cost and it's awesome! You can showcase all your music and albums on Muziboo.

I need help! What do I do

Please click on the contact support button if you need help in using Muziboo